Safe home remedies for dogs with mange

An increasing number of dogs with  demodectic mange or galis have  been spotted by animal lovers on the streets of Metro Manila  and posted in Facebook for rescue.

This is saddening because most of these dogs were  apparently abandoned  by their owners, with some  deliberately dumped  on a vacant lot,  as far away from home as possible to get rid of the pet, or  niligaw. They have been neglected because of their physical condition.

This also makes us in the animal welfare  world  so mad  because  demodectic  mange can be treated.  Please do not  dump your dog on a vacant lot or abandon him/her  just because the pet developed mange. It is not the dog’s fault. 

If you can not handle mange or galis, then please, do not get a dog ever again.

In  two  earlier columns,  I have discussed  how to prevent  mange.

In brief, you can prevent mange by  keeping your dog’s  immune system strong through proper nutrition and  keeping  her mental and emotional  state healthy, and making sure  your place is clean.

This kind of mange is caused by a small mite demodex canis which is present in all dogs but which multiplies fast when the dog is not healthy.

Mango is now  one happy, handsome dog after treatment which combined  vet-prescribed meds with good food, multivitamins to strengthen his immune system, lots of hugs and  love, and safe home remedies approved by the vet. says: “.. if a dog is suffering from malnutrition, abuse, or a severely compromised immune system, those mites can begin to reproduce rapidly and start to wreak havoc on the canine’s fur. This can result in hair loss in small patches and mild irritation but can be as serious as widespread hair loss, infections, and life-threatening complications. For our beloved pets, it can be difficult to see them going through so much pain without being able to help.”

Treating mange is not that expensive as long as you find a vet who does not over charge.

You will pay for :

1.   cost of test to determine what kind of mange your dog has (about P150- P200);

2.   the professional fee (about P150 to P300);

3.    an injection or  oral meds (about P300); and

4.   medicated shampoo (about P250 to P300) or soap (P70 to P110).

I strongly suggest you bring your dog to the vet for  the prescription medicine: one is injected (the dosage should be determined by your doctor alone); the other is  a tablet.

Two warnings:  Never inject on your dog and please,  do not overuse  prescription meds. Why?  This can cause damage to the liver  and kidneys.  Most  dogs I  know who were given oral meds  developed liver problems a few months later.

To avoid overusing  meds, please do the following to complement what your vet is doing to treat your dog:

1.   Start feeding good, nutritious food to your dog.  Avoid  chicken or its by-products when a dog has developed mange. This  irritates  their skin more.

2.   Do make sure  the  place where your dog stays is clean.

3.   Make your dog feel loved  and make him/her  happy.  Hug your pet, give belly rubs more often, walk your dog, among others.

4.   Give your dog a bath  once a week. Your vet might prescribe medicated soap or shampoo too.

5.   Clean your dog’s beddings.


These home remedies will lower the treatment cost further.

You can do  one or a combination of two or three of the following home remedies:

1. Madre de Cacao fresh leaves with virgin coconut oil

a. Pound the leaves  of madre de cacao

b.  Miix virgin coconut oil.

c. Apply or rub on affected areas.

d. Let it stay for at least two hours

e. Remove the  mixture using cloth soaked in water. Then bathe your dog using the soap or shampoo your vet  recommended    

2.   Aloe Vera says aloe vera is a natural antiseptic and is an antiparasitic, thus, “.it makes for an ideal home remedy for mange.”

Spread aloe vera, either in gel or tea form, on the affected areas twice a day. says results will be seen in a few days.

3.  Lemon and garlic

a.  Soak  6-10  cloves of garlic with lemon peels in water overnight.

Organicfacts says: “the resulting liquid will be infused with a wide variety of beneficial organic compounds to stimulate healing and neutralize the parasites on your dog. “

b.  Apply on affected parts. “It might smell a bit strange, but it will get the job done,”  adds.

4.  Apple cider vinegar

Put a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s usual food.

5. Honey

Spread honey on the affected areas. Honey will 

a.  suffocate the parasites that are reproducing so rapidly, and

b.  sooth  the inflamed areas and stimulate  rapid healing.

6.Olive oil

Olive oil or other cooking oils  placed on the affected areas can alleviate the inflammation and the waxy build-up on the skin due to mange, and eliminate the parasites in  the  affected area.

Warning: These home remedies may be effective but life-threatening secondary infections can occur. I strongly suggest that you bring your pet to the vet  for  proper treatment,  and  to discuss the treatment plan. Please also inform your vet about the home remedies you want to use.

Have a great Sunday. Namaste!

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