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A guide dog for a blind dog

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By Eric Suguitan 

Speaker on proper pet ownership CARA Welfare Philippines

This 12-year-old-dog  did not seem to like other dogs at first.

But events unfolded and it turned out Ginger was just waiting for the right friend who needs her help.

Ginger, a Golden Retriever mix, was not properly socialized as a puppy so she does not get along with other dogs. She growled and bared her teeth at the other dogs that my wife and I wanted to adopt. 

Kimchi when rescued in 2012.

But it was different with Kimchi , a rescue dog.

Ginger immediately took a liking to him. In essence, Ginger adopted Kimchi, after rejecting so many other dogs.

Kimchi, estimated to be 10-12 years old is a Spaniel-type dog. He was found wandering the streets of Alabang in 2012 during a typhoon. 

When found, he was thin, mangy, almost completely blind, and very weak. If  KImchi was left on the street and not rescued, he would have died shortly because of hunger, exposure, or illness. 

Guide dog Ginger (left) with blind, rescued dog Kimchi: best friends for life.  

Ginger acts as the service dog to the now totally-blind Kimchi, often steering him away from obstacles and danger, a guide dog for a blind dog. 

Their relationship is unique, the only one of its kind in the Philippines that we know of.


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