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Flying high with Filipino pride

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Philippine Airlines launches Filipino flicks catalog for inflight entertainment

In celebration of Philippine Independence Day, Philippine Airlines (PAL), the country’s flag carrier, has introduced a new Filipino Flicks catalog to its inflight entertainment system. This special collection features a curated selection of timeless classics and contemporary favorites from the best of the local movie industry.

PAL’s new initiative aims to celebrate Filipino pride and culture, offering passengers a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the most iconic and influential local films while flying. The catalog includes a diverse range of genres, from top-rated drama, action, and romance to comedy, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

By adding Filipino Flicks to its entertainment options, PAL underscores its commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of Filipino culture. This pioneering move allows passengers to experience and appreciate the country’s cinematic heritage, making every flight a journey of cultural discovery.

PAL’s addition of Filipino flicks allows foreign travelers to be more immersed in the Philippine culture right at the comfort of their seats

Filipino passengers can now catch their favorite local hit movies on their flights, offering foreign travelers a cultural immersion that highlights elements of Philippine culture such as heroism, family values, and community relationships.

Passengers on international flights can now celebrate Philippine freedom with historical bio flicks Heneral Luna and Goyo: The Boy General. They can also opt for hit and acclaimed movies that have made an impact on local pop culture such as Four Sisters and a Wedding, Hello, Love, Goodbye, Seven Sundays, One More Chance, and It Takes a Man and a Woman.

Jerrold Tarog’s ‘Goyo: The Boy General’ stars Paolo Avelino as the titular hero who fought and died during the Battle of Tirad Pass

Those looking to engage in film as an art medium can look forward to catching cinematic masterpieces Himala and Oro, Plata, Mata. 

Filipino Flicks is a PAL’s initiative designed to enrich the travel experience and to represent the best of the Philippines to the world, with movies that are crafted to showcase the stories that represent the Heart of the Filipino.

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