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Student innovators blend design philosophy, technology in creations 

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Magnitude: Groundbreaking Innovations, a series of human-centered design solutions by 17 Filipino designers, addresses issues on sustainability, productivity, health, and safety to enhance the quality of life of its users. The importance of material development, environmental design, and bio-waste management were likewise considered.

Conceptualized and created by the budding talents from the Industrial Design Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB), the works integrated design philosophies with technology to meet the demands of the modern consumer.

‘PULSO’ by Kathlyn Go is a heart monitoring-alert system that features ECG technology

CeliaWorks by Mikaela Asuncion used mycelium as a binding agent for wood waste to create a durable, lightweight composite. Pomtex by Rika Higashi converted pomelo fruit by-products into a fire-retardant, humidity-resistant material.

Brianna Khu’s Bukopel revolutionized self-care product packaging with coconut agricultural waste, while Sue OblepiasParafilter used coconut fiber and activated charcoal for affordable tap water purification.

Austin Panti’s Aatos, an adjustable ergonomic armchair, supported both left- and right-handed primary learners, promoting good posture during study sessions. Ysabella Villaverde’s VISILLA, an improved airport gang chair, featured reclining seats, mini tables, charging outlets, and storage systems. Kenji Del Rosario’s MOKU, an outdoor ventilation system inspired by termite mounds, used TEFLON funnels for moisture and temperature management.

Ysabella Villaverde’s ‘VISILLA’ serves as an airport gang chair filled with useful features

Jewel Baltazar’s Kasalo, a redesigned ice cream cart, included comfortable grips, swivel wheels with stoppers, and a removable cooler. Glenn Laurence Hernandez’s IGAH, a coffee bean dryer, featured a rotating mechanism, strategically placed fans and heat lamps, a control panel, and a safety monitoring program.

Derick Chen’s INSURIN, a vacuum-insulated diabetic care kit, kept temperature-sensitive medicine cool for hours. Kathlyn Go’s PULSO, a heart monitoring-alert system, included ECG technology and an alerting pendant. Mary Joyce Curia’s Geknu, an assistive knee support for patellar tendonitis rehabilitation, featured a mobile app with accelerometer and gyroscope technology for real-time feedback. Angelica Ibit’s Malia, a rechargeable menstrual management device, used heat therapy with a foldable pad, elastic belt, three heat settings, and automatic shut-off.

RJ Mallari is the designer behind the collapsible helmet ‘ARMA’ inspired by an armadillo’s defensive curl

RJ Mallari’s ARMA collapsible helmet, inspired by the armadillo’s defensive curl, included light signal indicators for urban cyclists and compact portability. Juan Carlos Prado’s ArcticPro arm sleeve provided cooling with moisture-wicking fabrics and gel packs targeting pulse points. Raphael Amparo’s Furbool KoolK9 used evaporative cooling and refrigerated gel packs to prevent heat-related complications for dogs. Joyce Genesis Vasquez’s Sagip emergency alert device, designed for hard-of-hearing individuals, relayed alerts through vibrotactile signals and enabled direct communication between the transmitter and the gadget.


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