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From ‘not good enough’ to Hollywood glow

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How embracing her beauty led Lovi Poe to win in both life and career

Lovi Poe’s story is an inspiring example of overcoming self-doubt and societal pressures. From a self-conscious teenager to a confident actress, her journey shows the power of self-care and embracing what makes you unique.

Apart from her outstanding acting skills, Lovi is also known for her confidence and charm, which have helped her succeed in the Philippines and now in Hollywood. She stars in The Chelsea Cowboy and Bad Man and has been cast in an upcoming Adam Beach movie. But she wasn’t always this self-assured. Starting as a young actress, Lovi faced many doubts and criticisms.

When she began her career at 15, she heard hurtful comments about her appearance, but she didn’t let those remarks dim her light.

“I was told that I was not going to make it because I’m dark-skinned and because I was flat-chested,” Lovi shared during an interview with Manila Standard Life when she renewed her contract with beauty brand Skin Care Depo (SCD). “People said I was chubby and wouldn’t succeed.”

From left: Lovi Poe and Skin Care Depo CEO Grace Angeles during the actress’ contract renewal with the beauty brand

These words affected her, but instead of giving up, Lovi decided to overcome her doubts.

“I allowed myself a few days to sulk and feel bad and then told myself, ‘I will rise, I will do well in my work, and I will take care of myself,’” she said alluding to her own version of self-affirmation.

Lovi’s confidence grew over time with a positive mindset and supportive friends.

“It’s not every day that I feel confident, so it’s important to have the right people around you and stay positive,” she added.

She also believes in the power of positive thinking. “Tell yourself good things and fill your mind with positivity,” Lovi advises. “Take care of yourself and put in the effort to feel beautiful.”

Lovi also reminds people, especially young women, that beauty is unique to each person. 

“You don’t need to fit a certain image because your own qualities make you truly special. Let your confidence grow, and the world will see your inner and outer light shine,” she affirmed.

As the face of beauty brand SCD, Lovi talks about the importance of self-care. She believes beauty is not just about products but also about a healthy lifestyle.

“I love working out and being active,” she says. “Apart from using beauty products, you also need to take care of your body.”

Lovi exercises daily and believes it helps her feel confident and beautiful. “It’s a holistic approach. Taking care of your body through exercise and good nutrition is essential.”

By sharing her experiences, Lovi encourages everyone to rise above negativity and invest in themselves. Her confidence has led to her success and reminds people that true beauty comes from within.


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