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Why P3,500 was enough to build a beauty empire 

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“Anak, you know I’m a very proud Mama because I have a child like you,” Pacita Anicoche beamed with pride last year as she gave a quick speech for her daughter Rhea Anicoche-Tan.

“Continue to be a blessing to others especially those in need,” the 71-year-old proud mom added.

In January 2023, Rhea, President and Chief Executive Officer, unveiled the building that now serves as the main headquarters of her company Beautéderm Corporation in Angeles City, Pampanga.

The establishment is also home to Rhea’s other businesses – A-List Avenue, Beautéhaus, AK Studios, and Beauté Beanery.

Beautéderm’s story shines with constant sparks of love, passion, and determination. This is the story of how a beauty empire was built from a starting capital of 3,500 pesos and a set of invaluable teachings learned at home. Rhea has fond memories of her loving late father but it is her mom who has witnessed and inadvertently guided her daughter’s growth as a go-getter and entrepreneur. Without a doubt, Pacita is instrumental in Rhea’s success.

Pacita Anicoche (back) plays a big role in Rhea’s success

As I delve into Rhea’s journey, I discover how she has been guided by three paramount virtues her mother instilled in her. I recall Mama Pacing saying, “I love you, anak. Keep on working hard and do not forget the three things that I am always telling you – the 3Hs.”


In the heartfelt speech, Pacita shared insights into her daughter’s character, describing her as an achiever, a dreamer, and a leader, even as a young kid and she was always inspired by her favorite news anchor (now Beautéderm ambassador), Korina Sanchez. Early on in life, Rhea learned the value of humility.

Rhea’s humble beginnings, coupled with her mother’s guidance, taught her the value of staying grounded and approachable regardless of success. This humility has allowed Rhea to navigate the competitive beauty industry with grace. It has also empowered her to not feel jealous when other people’s plates are fuller than hers.

“I do not have the time to be envious when the grass is greener somewhere else. I take the situation as an inspiration to replicate the same success,” Rhea said. “My mom taught me to be grateful even for the smallest things, to not hold grudges, and to have faith in God,” Rhea added, joking about how her mom almost became a nun.

Hard Work

Beautéderm President and Chief Executive Officer Rhea Anicohe-Tan (left) with celebrity endorser Piolo Pascual

“Work hard and do not forget,” Pacita advised her daughter, putting a premium on hard work as a non-negotiable trait for success. Rhea’s journey from starting Beautéderm with modest capital to unveiling its headquarters in Angeles, Pampanga, is a vivid illustration of her relentless dedication and hard work. Her mother’s teachings underscored that success requires more than just dreams; it demands a commitment to excellence. Rhea’s then-and-now photos of her first beauty sets and store location are sources of inspiration.

Rhea’s journey is replete with challenges, from product development to expanding her market reach. Yet, it is her hard work, deeply ingrained by her mother’s wisdom, that propelled Beautéderm into the beauty brand it is today. Through her dedication, Rhea has proven that obstacles can be overcome and that with enough effort, the smallest seed of a dream can flourish into reality.


The final virtue, honesty, has been the cornerstone of Rhea’s business philosophy as Pacita described. She emphasized the significance of honesty not just as a moral principle but as the bedrock of trust and integrity in business.

In an industry where skepticism is common, Rhea’s commitment to honesty is much appreciated. Her transparency in product development, marketing, and customer relations has cultivated a loyal following, with customers trusting Beautéderm not only for its quality but also for the values it represents.

Legacy of Love and Learning

Based on observation, another H has been evident in Rhea’s ascent in the beauty industry. As she continues to lead and expand her business, Rhea carries forward the legacy of her mother’s teachings in her heart. This is a beautiful reminder of the power of maternal wisdom and of course, love.

The story of how a modest investment blossomed into a thriving empire that provides employment serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, demonstrating that with the right values and perseverance, any dream is attainable.

In reflecting on her journey, Rhea acknowledges the pivotal role her mother played in shaping not only the CEO she has become but the person she is today. It is a testament to the belief that behind every successful individual is a foundation of love, support, and lessons along the way.

Beyond a strong foundation, Rhea’s success is hugely based on taking action. Rhea lovingly reminded me, “Always operate with good intentions.”


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