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The stylish movements of Anya Alindada

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Ballerina Anya Nicole Alindada, the only Filipina graduate of London’s prestigious English National Ballet School (ENBS), isn’t just dancing her way to stardom. Her flawless movements are redefining fashion spreads, as evidenced by her captivating portfolio showcasing her stylish, playful poses. Seeing a ballerina strike a pose, fully limber in jeans, isn’t an everyday occurrence, but Anya transcends the expectations.

Anya’s love for dance blossomed early, nurtured by gymnastics and blossoming into lessons in jazz and flamenco. Ballet, however, captured her heart. “Growing up immersed in ballets, musicals, and plays, I knew dancing was my dream and passion,” she recalls. “I started ballet at seven and by ten, I was determined to make it my career.”

At 14, competition beckoned. Anya participated in a competition in Japan (2019) and attended masterclasses with international artistic directors. This led to a scholarship at the Melbourne Academy of the Arts’ European Masters Intensive, further propelling her journey.

The pandemic brought online competitions and continued auditions. Finally, her dream came true – acceptance into the ENBS full-time program. “ENBS was always one of my dream schools,” she beams, “and even now, it’s surreal.”

Now a 19-year-old London resident and recent ENBS graduate, Anya continues her artistic journey through the school’s Professional Graduate Program. While dance remains her primary focus, she’s gracefully carving space for fashion.

“Modeling is a recent venture,” Anya explains. “Two years ago, my school’s artistic director connected me with Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, founders of the renowned British fashion brand Preen. They needed dancers for London Fashion Week, and I was among those chosen. It was an incredible experience.”

This exposure ignited a new spark. “The joy I felt during the show made me consider modeling,” she reveals. “But with a full-time ballet schedule, it had to wait. So, I collaborated with fashion students to gain experience. Now, with graduation behind me and the professional program offering more flexibility, I can explore it further.”

Encouraged by her artistic director, Anya embraces both worlds. “Ballet dancers often model,” she shares, “and photographers seem drawn to our dance abilities and ability to strike unique poses.”

Currently a freelance model seeking representation, Anya thrives in a competitive environment. “Being both an artist and a model is exciting,” she says. “Modeling has even influenced my style, both on and offstage.”

After recovering from an injury, Anya plans to return to dancing soon. London may be her second home now, but she’s open to where her ballet journey takes her.

One dream, however, stays constant: “I yearn to return to the Philippines and establish a school,” she confides. “I want to guide and empower aspiring Filipino dancers, helping them reach prestigious schools and companies worldwide. That support is something I wish I had received. Filipinos are incredibly talented, and I want to help showcase that talent to the world.”


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