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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Watercolor competition marks 35th edition

Kulay Sa Tubig, the renowned watercolor competition in the Philippines, celebrated its 35th edition at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall. Showcasing elite aquarelle artists, this competition spotlights the complexity of watercolor art.

Initiated by Gallery Genesis founder Araceli Salas, Kulay Sa Tubig provides an annual platform for local artists to shine. Watercolor’s growing prominence in the Philippine art scene is evident, captivating audiences with its photo-like precision.

‘After the Rain in Blumentritt’ by Emmanuel Silva

The top five artists, including Julian Eymard Paguiligan and Emmanuel Silva, impressed judges with their mastery of subject matter, technique, and composition. The challenge of watercolor lies in its unforgiving nature, where a small mistake demands significant time and effort to rectify.

Newly inducted into the Hall of Fame, Julian Eymard Paguiligan expressed his gratitude, reflecting on the competition’s rigor and the prestige of his achievement.

Lorenzo Ignacio’s ‘Cross Current’

Gallery Genesis President Patrice Salas extolled watercolor as an ideal starting point for collectors, citing its timeless value. She also praised the enduring partnership between SM Malls and  Kulay Sa Tubig, underscoring SM Megamall’s pivotal role in supporting Philippine art.

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