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Six ways to find meaning at work after the holidays 

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While some people feel rejuvenated to kickstart 2023 with fresh plans in mind, others find themselves dejected to let go of the holiday high and return to the daily grind. 

“In a perfect world, each workday is filled with meaning, purpose, and variety. You find it easy to stay engaged with your work, face challenges head-on, collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues and consistently make progress towards your goals,” stated Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology and former Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College. 

“The problem? It’s not a perfect world,” he added. “If you sometimes feel like you’re in a rut, uninspired, or disengaged, you’ve got plenty of company.”

It’s highly likely that some people are still holding on to the holiday high instead of returning to the daily grind

Riggio, who has authored over 150 books, book chapters, and research articles on leadership, assessment centers, and organizational and social psychology, understands that it can be challenging to find a sense of fulfillment and stay motivated.

Echoing Riggio, the Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde imparted simple yet effective points to boost the mood and clear the mind to keep moving forward. 

Here are several tips, which Riggio shared on, one of the largest publishing enterprises exclusively dedicated to mental health and behavioral science:

1. Focus on outcomes, but reward effort.
We’re usually laser-focused on the end product. Associate favorable feelings with effort. This helps us tackle more arduous tasks in the future. Condition ourselves to enjoy hard work.

2. Say thank you to someone.
You can make a positive impact on someone’s day with a simple thank you. You will feel a sense of purpose and even develop a greater feeling of connectedness.

3. Change your scenery.
A productivity-enhancing workstation is important. However, don’t underestimate the value of varying your locale every now and then. New environments can stimulate your brain by catalyzing new ideas and aiding problem-solving. 

Working in new environments can stimulate your brain for better functions

4. Create meaning by talking about experiences.
Talk to others about your experiences. Hear how they have found purpose in their work. This can feed you ideas about how to do the same.

Talk about your experiences with your workmates

5. Level-up.
Find creative ways to improve your skills. Test your abilities. The key is to constantly learn new things. Leveling up will help you feel accomplished. 

Discuss different ideas and perspectives with your workmates for a fresher approach

6. Work-life integration.
Do not allow work integration to overpower and consume your life. Take the time you need to be alone and with your loved ones. Maintain a healthy perspective on both aspects. 


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