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Sustainable nail polish brand strengthens advocacy efforts with breast care group

Nami Natural, a UK-formulated nail polish brand, envisions taking the lead in sustainability and brand advocacy within the Philippine nail care industry.

Nami Natural executives and Kasuso Foundation members (From left) Ogie Rodriguez, Juni Del Rosario, Millet Ilagan, Jennifer Angeles, Malu Del Rosario, Lizette Lim,Philipp Renner, Marnie Jaranilla, Nathalia Jardin, and Tim Michael posing for a group photo

The brand, which opened its doors to the Filipino market last December, offers a healthy, toxin-free, and planet-friendly alternative to conventional nail polishes. 

Committed to creating a positive impact on the community, it has pledged to donate a portion of its sales to the renowned Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. or the Kasuso Foundation. 

A study conducted by the Global Cancer Observatory showed that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among Filipino women. In fact, the same study has shown that in 2020, breast cancer ranked as the most prevalent type of cancer in the country, recording an estimate of more than 27,000 thousand new cases. 

“Our team has always been serious advocates of health and sustainability. We wish to bring significant and positive changes to the beauty industry by offering consumers new and yet conscious products, especially within the Filipino market,” said Tim Michaels, Nami Natural’s COO. 

“Becoming partners with PFBCI along with earning our Dermatest and PETA certifications has helped us further our advocacies as a start-up business. Most importantly, I’m happy to share that we’re lining up a full new collection just for the foundation where I’m sure it also means a lot and provides a positive impact on many Filipinos and future generations,” Michaels added.

With a desire for innovation and the pursuit of sustainability, Nami Natural seeks to not only embrace self-expression, confidence, and creativity but to look after its customers’ well-being, the environment, and the planet. This is the starting point of its advocacy, ultimately developing an all-natural, non-toxic, health-friendly, and sustainable nail care brand. 

Nami Natural has eliminated 18 toxic ingredients commonly found in conventional nail polishes and came up with healthy substitutes that nourish the skin and nails. Equipped with the highest certifications from Dermatest in Germany and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),

Nami nail polishes are guaranteed dermatologist-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

“With businesses that value a wide spectrum of sustainability and advocacy like Nami Natural, we can work together to empower our beneficiaries and even inspire the next generation of businessmen. Through this partnership, we will be able to further our programs—early detection, patient navigation, and organizational regeneration,” shared Fiery Jimenez, President of PFBCI. 

By providing support for financially-challenged Filipina breast cancer patients, Nami projects as one of the start-up nail polish brands to foster a culture of inclusivity where everyone feels heard, valued, and loved through sustainability and innovation-driven actions. 

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