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Makati puts up 2 pressure tents for COVID-19 patients

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The Makati City government on Tuesday announced it is putting put up two negative pressure tents for patients with COVID-19 at the Ospital ng Makati.

“Makati is the first local government in Metro Manila to put up negative pressure tents. These tents, which will be set up at the ambulance bay, are important in protecting other people from contracting the viral disease,” Mayor Abigail Binay said.

OsMak medical director Dr. Vergel Binay said the tents, which passed international standards, can be easily assembled in car parks, warehouse spaces, and other open spaces.

He added that each tent can accommodate six intensive care unit beds, a power supply, pressure sensors and alarms, lighting, filtration systems, LCD monitors, UV/HEPA air purification, toilet and shower, decontamination rooms, changing rooms, storage, and air-conditioning system.

The negative pressure tents are among several facilities built by Makati in response to the pandemic.

Earlier this month, the city built three emergency quarantine facilities at the Pembo Elementary School and one at the Ospital ng Makati.

The additional facilities, according to Binay, are being built in partnership with several private sector donors.

Each facility, which is made of wooden frames and Polyethene sheet, houses 15 beds, sanitation and disinfection areas, a testing box, and a lounge for nurses.

Two months ago, the city also converted the Makati Friendship Suites in Barangay Cembo into a quarantine facility to accommodate 100 persons under investigation.

Barangay health centers have also put up their own isolation areas for those with COVID-19 symptoms.


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