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Malabon City gets COA nod for effective use of public funds

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Malabon City Mayor Jeannie Sandoval vowed to improve the use of public funds after the Malabon City government received a “qualified opinion” in the Commission on Audit’s (COA) Annual Audit Report for the Calendar Year 2023.

This COA commended Malabon City for its usage of funds following the highest standards of accountability and transparency in service delivery.

The COA said that the auditor who conducted the annual audit rendered the qualified opinion to the Malabon City government “on the fairness of the presentation of the City’s financial statements in view of the significance of the exceptions noted in the audit as stated in the Independent Auditor’s Report.”

Aligned with Sandoval’s goal to improve the quality of living in Malabon, the local government has implemented programs and projects that make service delivery more accessible to the Malabueños.

The programs, such as the Malabon Ahon Blue Card and housing initiatives, ensure the efficient delivery of assistance to the Malabueños for all their needs, including safety and security. 

As of May 28, the local government already distributed 83,891 Malabon Ahon Blue Cards (MABC) to the heads of families in the city. MABC is one of the mayor’s flagship programs, launched in December 2022, to improve the provision of aid to the residents, making the delivery of service effective and efficient.

MABC became a finalist in the Development Academy of the Philippines’ Government Best Practice Recognition in 2023 that promotes and showcases outstanding and innovative practices demonstrated by local government units or public sector organizations.

There are also a total of 77,055 MABC holders who have claimed their “first ayuda for 2024 (The fourth assistance given to the residents through the program since it started the distribution of aid in 2023),” which aims to help the residents for their various needs.

Meanwhile, about 516 families who used to live near waterways in the city, who were relocated to St. Gregory Homes, an in-city housing project that aims to provide quality and safe homes to the residents, as of May 2023.

Through this services, the local government received various commendations from different national agencies.

In May, Sandoval was named as a top performing mayor in NCR by the RP Mission and Development Foundation Inc. after she got 88.7 percent job performance rating in its “Boses ng Bayan” survey conducted from March 18-24, 2024.

The local government also received the Seal of Good Local Governance from the DILG in  2023, for the honest, timely, and successful implementation of programs in different areas of local governance such as financial administration and sustainability; disaster preparedness; social protection and sensitivity; health compliance and responsiveness; sustainable education; business-friendliness and competitiveness; safety, peace and order; environmental management; tourism, heritage development, culture and arts; and youth development.

Sandoaval also received in 2023 a certificate of recommendation from the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) for its efforts in creating and implementing programs that makes services more accessible at transparent to the residents in line with the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018. 

In January 2023, the ARTA hailed Malabon City as the 13th eBOSS-compliant LGU, for having a fully functioning Business One Stop Shop that makes business process faster and more efficient.


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