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Davao advises PUV drivers: Get official IDs

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DAVAO CITY—The Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) on Tuesday reminded drivers of taxis, public utility jeepneys (PUJs), and motorized tricycles for hire (MTHs) to always carry their genuine CTTMO-issued Public Utility Vehicle Identification (PUV ID) card with them.

The reminder came after two suspects were apprehended in an entrapment operation last week for illegally printing PUJ ID cards.

In an interview, CTTMO chief Dionisio cited the city’s Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code to emphasize the importance of the PUV ID to drivers.

Based on the ordinance, he said, PUV drivers must have a CTTMO-issued PUV ID with a franchise before plying the city’s roads and highways. The ID should also be displayed, so passengers can easily see it inside the vehicle.

“Before they can acquire the PUV ID, drivers need to undergo a seminar on road safety, traffic rules, and regulations, among others, to practice awareness and discipline on the streets,” Abude said.

The PUV ID has a quick response (QR) code feature that passengers may scan. Once scanned, passengers are redirected to the CTTMO’s database, which contains the driver’s information, including his picture, name, and other details.

Abude warned PUV drivers that possessing fake PUV IDs is prohibited and subject to filing a criminal case for violating the Revised Penal Code.


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