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Nurturing lives for sustainable future

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Bayer, ASSIST Asia launch program offering expert-led seminars on family planning, self-care, and financial literacy

In 2023, with a population of 118 million, Filipinos heavily rely on approximately 9.22 million agriculture workers for sustenance. Despite their crucial role in food production, these workers, among the most marginalized in the country, lack access to resources that could enhance their quality of life.

Bayer supports Filipino farmers through the Bayer Kubo program in partnership with ASSIST Asia. This initiative provides expert-led seminars on health, agriculture, family planning, self-care, and basic financial literacy. Launched in pilot locations in Luzon, including Dolores, Quezon, and Manaoag, Pangasinan, the program aims to improve the well-being and productivity of smallholder farmers and their families beyond the fields.

“Bayer is here to help grow healthy crops and healthy communities. Since the launch last year, we’ve already reached more than 5,000 farmers in both sites. The Bayer Kubo and the network of demo farms and learning centers will continue to host programs on both health and agriculture – as part of our mission to achieve Health for All, Hunger for None,” says Angel-Michael Evangelista, Managing Director and Country Division Head – Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Philippines Inc. 

“Bayer Kubo is a unique and holistic program that integrates the CSR programs of Bayer’s three business units. By delivering health training and awareness campaigns, as well as financial literacy for farmers, their wives, and families, Bayer Kubo positively changed the lives and health of communities in Quezon and Pangasinan” says Francis Macatulad, Executive Director of ASSIST Asia. 

“Bayer Kubo is a good example of how business can effectively work with civil society to create long-lasting social impact among marginalized and underserved sectors. ASSIST is proud to have been partnered with Bayer for this initiative,” Macatulad adds.

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The farmers of Dolores, Quezon have already begun to see an improvement in their lives since the Bayer Kubo initiative was launched in their community. 

Bayer Kubo’s financial literacy training has likewise helped to inculcate the value of saving and budgeting among the farmers of Manaoag.

Iiinas Ivan lao, Country Commercial Lead, Bayer Crop Science Philippines says that they will continue to grow the program to reach more Filipino farmers. “We will certainly intensify programs related to agriculture and health within the Bayer Kubo. Because a bountiful harvest requires the vitality and effort of healthy farmers and communities.”

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