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DHSUD codifies requirements, procedures in housing sector

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The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) is implementing reforms to improve transparency, accountability and streamline services in the housing sector.

DHSUD Secretary Jose Rizalino Acuzar issued Department Circular (DC) 2024-005, which streamlines the issuance of licenses, certificates and permits. This aligns with the administration’s “Bagong Pilipinas” brand of governance, aiming to better serve Filipinos.

DC 2024-005 codifies the requirements, rules, regulations and procedures for streamlining and standardizing housing and real estate development regulations, homeowners’ associations and community development.

“The circular will not only promote transparency and accountability, but equally important, it will further streamline processes in the housing sector, leading to better delivery of public service,” Acuzar said.

The DC aims to simplify DHSUD processes for applying for permits, licenses and certificates. It also seeks to synchronize these processes with other agencies, particularly local government units, to avoid redundant requirements and bureaucratic red tape.

“Through this circular, we harmonize all processes pertaining to licensing, permitting and certification to prevent confusion and delays,” the housing secretary said.

DHSUD director Angelito Aguila explained the codification, which consists of three books.

Book I outlines procedures and requirements for applying for development permits, certificates of registration and licenses to sell for various projects, including subdivisions, cemeteries, columbariums, memorial parks, condominiums and socialized housing projects developed by key shelter agencies and other government agencies. It also covers the validity of development permits, publication requirements, posting, performance bonds, balanced housing development compliance, rectification and certificates of completion.

Book II provides the rules of procedure governing appeals to DHSUD’s Office of the Secretary from final orders and issuances of its regional offices regarding regulatory functions, ensuring due process and compliance with policies while protecting stakeholder rights.

Book III details a manual for executing DHSUD orders, issuances and decisions of the Office of the President, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, guaranteeing their just, expeditious and inexpensive implementation.


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