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Deer placenta: The untapped beauty secret to gobble up

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Filipinos have harnessed an unlikely yet effective ingredient to supplement both one’s health and beauty regimen: deer placenta.

This has manifested in the likes of the health supplement V My Beauty Deer Placenta+, whose reported effects are helping to boost the immune system, improving skin condition, assisting in joint mobility, aiding in wound healing, and helping to restore vitality.

According to VMB medical consultant, Dr. Cecil Catapang, the health supplement is synergized with resveratrol, squalene, collagen, lecithin, evening primrose oil, salmon fish oil, chia seed oil, borage oil, and lycopene.

“Placenta is loaded with growth factors like Fibroblast growth factor, which encourages rejuvenation of the skin. Thus, it reduces sagging and wrinkles. Placenta also leads to whitening as it suppresses the production of melanin,” Catapang said.

Aside from being FDA-approved, V My Beauty Deer Placenta+ has been recognized by different award-giving bodies and through media features. Among these was being named by Q Asia Magazine as Best Potent Oral Stemcell Supplement during their 21st Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards in 2021.


V My Beauty chief executive officer Jeffrey Nicdao has since shared intimate insights to Manila Standard about their flagship product.

According to him, their six-month therapy for those with health problems must consume seven bottles of their product, each containing 60 capsules. This entails consuming between one to four soft gels of Deer Placenta+ per day as advised over the course of the treatment span.

A few years back, the entrepreneur had the problem of treating his very own lumbar, diagnosed at the time with a bulging disc. This led to severe pain that he resorted to treating with a range of alternative supplements and therapists, until one treatment had finally worked.

That is, the very deer placenta that encouraged him to pursue his own enterprise that would likewise help others in aiding not only their beauty, but their health.

“Only three months into using this product, it solved the crux of the matter I’ve been facing for two years,” Nicdao said.


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