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What’s next on our plates?

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The Future of Food, a groundbreaking conference organized by the Center for Culinary Arts Manila and powered by Courage Asia, on March 8, 2024 assembles visionary leaders and subject matter experts in AI technology, social media, culinary science, Filipino culinary heritage, and the evolving restaurant experience.

This event is designed to spark innovation and conversation through insightful presentations, interactive Q&As, and thought-provoking discussions.

Who should attend?

It is a must-attend event for a diverse range of professionals passionate about the culinary world. Whether you are a chef, a culinary enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a food and beverage industry expert, a digital marketing strategist, or an innovator at the intersection of technology and gastronomy, this conference is for you.

Attendees include chefs and culinarians, food and beverage professionals, food entrepreneurs, academicians and students, and marketing professionals specializing in the F&B sector.

Why attend?

It offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights, expand your network, elevate your skills and stay ahead of trends. More than just a food conference, it’s an investment in your professional growth and an opportunity to shape the future of the culinary landscape.

The topics are as follows: Elevating the Guest Experience, Global Best Practices in Local Setting, Technology Trends in F&B Operations, The State of Food Supply: Farmer & Chef Perspective, Food Mapping for Sustainability, Benchmarking Regional Cuisines to Prepare for the Future, Technology Trends in the Kitchen, Farm to Table: The Importance of Local and Sustainable Sourcing, and Harnessing Generative AI in the Food Industry.

Who are the speakers?

Distinguished speakers include Wildflour Group CEO Ana Lorenzana De Ocampo, Mama Lou’s President David Sison, serial food entrepreneur Elbert Cuenca, global thought leader on food security Chef Louise Mabulo, Ilonggo culinarian Chef Rafael Jardeleza, food mapping expert John Sherwin Felix, agriculture expert Carlo The Farmer, PwC Director Angelo Basuan and CCA Manila Culinary Director Chef Philip John Golding. Senator Loren Legarda is the keynote speaker.

(Click to register online. For inquiries for sponsorship and for attendance, please email or call 0917-8408400)


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