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AXA: Mental health issues affect 21% in PH

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AXA’s fourth edition of the Mind Health Report shows that Filipinos exhibit a higher prevalence of mental health conditions, from mild to severe depression and stress, compared to the global average.

One of five Filipinos is suspected of suffering from severe or extremely severe depression, anxiety or stress, with rates at 21 percent in the Philippines compared to the global average of 23 percent.

The study, conducted in collaboration with IPSOS, involved 16,000 respondents across 16 countries and territories in Europe, Asia and America to identify mental health and wellness issues in global society to build solutions to mitigate them.

The study noted an increase in the number of Filipinos who are struggling, with a rise of 5 points to 14 percent overall while a third remains to be getting by (down to 35 percent from 39 percent). Comparatively, the Philippines has a higher percentage of individuals considered as flourishing, at 27 percent compared to the global average of 24 percent.


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