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Sunday, July 14, 2024

BPI and BTI Payments expand financial inclusion in the Philippines

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Filipinos can now conveniently apply for a wider range of banking services through a new partnership between BPI and BTI Payments, operator of Pay&Go kiosks.

“With BPI’s products now available through our Pay&Go kiosks, more Filipinos can easily open an e-wallet and savings account, and apply for loans and credit cards. Our joint effort marks a significant step towards building a more financially inclusive Philippines,” said BTI Payments CEO Dan Ibarra.

With BPI products available at Pay&Go kiosks, Filipinos can now easily open e-wallets and savings accounts, and apply for loans and credit cards, all without needing to visit a traditional BPI branch.

Pay&Go Kiosks are accessible in grocery stores, shopping malls, and even in Lazada, offering customers financial access to both physically and digitally.

“With our goal of reaching 50 million customers, we are driven to continuously innovate and meet our customers’ needs. This partnership with Pay&Go is a key part of our push for innovation, and we are thrilled to explore new opportunities together. Together, our potential is limitless,” said BPI senior vice president and head of BPI Agency Banking Rally Jereza.

This strategic alliance signifies a commitment by both BPI and BTI Payments to improve financial accessibility across the Philippines, allowing Filipinos to conveniently conduct banking transactions regardless of location.


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