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Red Planet CEO committed to growth, customer service

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French hotelier Florent Humeau has found a second home in the Philippines. As chief executive of Red Planet, Humeau leads the hotel chain with a deep sense of responsibility. He’s relentlessly focused on delivering the best possible results for the brand.

With over 15 years traversing the ever-changing hospitality landscape, Humeau has cultivated a rich and varied background in senior operational management across the globe. His journey took him to countries like the UK, China, Seychelles, Thailand and finally, the Philippines.

“I’ve been mostly in Southeast Asia. I usually go around Southeast Asian countries. Ten years ago I was with Crimson in Mactan, where I used to manage the food and beverage section,” he said, recalling how his vast experiences led him to join Red Planet in 2019.

His journey with Red Planet began in Indonesia, where he contributed his extensive experience as director of operations. His exceptional leadership and operational acumen were quickly recognized, leading to a promotion in July 2019 to vice president of operations for both Indonesia and the Philippines.

From left are: Red Planet Manila The Fort Hotel manager Razon Mateo, marketing manager Mary Grace de Luna and Red Planet Hotels chief executive Florent Humeau.

Humeau’s unwavering commitment to Red Planet was evident in his move to Bangkok as senior vice president of operations. He leveraged his skills to oversee strategic initiatives and streamline operations across all branches.

A turning point came for Red Planet and Humeau in June 2022. Recognizing his loyalty and pivotal role in the company’s growth, they elevated him to the coveted CEO position.

“The demand for domestic tourism is increasing, not only for leisure but business, as well. We see opportunities there and we want to be able to capture that,” he said.

Beyond the bustling hotel scene, Florent is a devoted family man. Despite the demanding nature of the hospitality industry, Humeau prioritizes a healthy balance between his work life and his family.

He finds joy in exploring the Philippines with his wife and children, soaking up the rich culture and stunning scenery. These experiences, he says, inspire him to create a welcoming and enriching experience for every guest at Red Planet Philippines.

With a focus on innovation, Humeau pushes the boundaries of what a budget hotel can offer, ensuring guests have a comfortable and memorable stay.

“We want to make it comfortable, convenient and affordable. We are focused on high-quality service. When people talk about budget hotels, they think budget hotels are not clean. Not in Red Planet.  We have more rooms though small, but they are very clean, very accommodating to the diverse needs of our guests,” Humeau said.

Under his leadership, Red Planet strategically plans to expand the brand’s footprint in the Philippines and globally by offering professional hotel management to other hotel chains.

Red Planet plans to offer professional hotel management to other hotel chains as part of its expansion strategy. By leveraging the company’s expertise and experience, Florent aims to help owners who have their own hotels and need professional management in the budget segment.

This initiative reflects Florent’s commitment to not only growing Red Planet’s brand but also contributing to the development of the hospitality industry as a whole. Florent’s leadership is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to family values, and a strategic vision for the future of Red Planet.

With a total of 14 hotels in the Philippines, Red Planet aims to further expand its reach by adding hotels in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

The expansion plan includes a focus on areas with promising opportunities, such as Davao, Cagayan de Oro and the rapidly developing Cebu. Recognizing the lack of international brands in these areas, Red Planet sees potential for growth and aims to provide comfortable, convenient, and affordable accommodations with high-quality products and services.

With Florent at the helm, Red Planet Philippines is poised for continued growth and success. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional value and a unique experience for guests, positioning as a leader in the Filipino hospitality industry.


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