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Young entrepreneurs embrace world of F&B

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The aroma of freshly brewed coffee isn’t just a morning ritual for Filipinos, it’s a cultural touchstone.

Dean and Giann Santiago have captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts with the promise of delivering high-quality coffee at affordable prices through their new business venture Take O Coffee.

“We’ve had many brands before. Some are still here while others have folded. The recent pandemic has shown us that food is a business that nurtures everyone, the entrepreneurs and the consumers who patronize products,” said Giann, a business degree holder from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P).

He inherited the entrepreneurial acumen of his mother, Oyette, who has been a fixture in the Philippine food scene for over two decades.

Oyette, a serial entrepreneur, has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for the success of the family business, from establishing a direct selling company to penetrating the F&B industry.

Building on the legacy of their family’s established champorado brand, Mom’s Triple Chocolate and Ube Champorado, the Santiago brothers have ventured into the coffee industry, leveraging their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach.

Take O Coffee is focused on brewing bold, high-quality coffee to make it available to everyone. Dean and Giann invest in the world’s best machines from Europe—the Nouva Simonella and Crem coffee brewer- and source the finest Arabica and Robusta beans directly from Benguet, ensuring freshness and a distinct local flavor profile in their blend.

Under GS Trading, housing all the franchising brands of family-owned SmartBuy Marketing Corp., Take O Coffee has rapidly expanded its reach, opening 3 new franchises just two months after launching its franchising program.

Bolder beverage

Take O Coffee’s commitment to quality extends beyond equipment, as they offer delicious coffee at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wide range of customers, from commuters to patrons of high-end establishments like Okada and Solaire.

Filipino-Australian citizen Orven Protacio believes in the potential of Take O Coffee and came in as an industrial partner, contributing to the business management.

Dean and Giann bring distinct skill sets to the table. Giann oversees expansion and franchise development, while Dean, with his psychology degree from St. Paul College, Quezon City, leads HR and creative endeavors. Filial collaboration fosters a strong company culture and consistent brand experience across all Take-O Coffee kiosks.

“Take O Coffee represents a bold new chapter for our business, complementing the success of Mom’s Triple Chocolate and Ube Champorado and showcasing the family’s ability to cater to different Filipino cravings,” Dean said.

Porridge venture

Oyette’s journey as a single parent and unwavering entrepreneur has been a driving force in the family’s success. She penetrated SM Malls as a Smokey’s Hotdog franchisee. Her present-day ventures in the food and beverage industry are also housed in SM Malls.

The success of both Mom’s Champorado and Take O Coffee highlights the family’s ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences and offer a taste of home with every serving.

Starting with four company-owned kiosks, Mom’s Champorado has expanded to over 20 franchises, with 20 more applications pending, including queries to expand to Malaysia and Dubai.

The creamy goodness of Triple Chocolate and Ube champorado is enhanced with a variety of toppings tailored to individual preferences. Cheese, milk and mallows make the experience more exhilarating.

Family legacy

Take O Coffee’s expansion and strategic approach to attracting a diverse customer base, from budget-conscious commuters to patrons of high-end establishments, reflect the Santiago brothers’ keen understanding of the market.

With their dedication to quality, affordability and a focus on customer satisfaction, Dean and Giann are poised to continue building a coffee empire that resonates with the Filipinos’ love affair with coffee.

From the comforting bowl of champorado to a delicious cup of coffee, the family business is committed to delighting Filipinos with their innovative and flavorful creations, leaving an indelible mark on the local F&B industry.


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