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Globe installs power supply redundancies

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Globe Telecom Inc. on Wednesday said its subscribers can expect reliable connectivity despite power outages amid high electricity demand.

The telecom arm of the Ayala Group said it has in place multiple layers of power supply redundancies to ensure undisrupted connectivity for its customers as much as possible.

Its core network facilities are equipped with power sources that ensure optimum uptime. These include multiple sets of batteries and generator sets, with fuel reserves enough for three full days of operations.

“We understand the importance of maintaining seamless connectivity for our customers. Our unwavering dedication to network resilience is reflected in the comprehensive redundancy systems we have in place, ensuring that our services continue even during power outages,” Globe senior vice president and head of network planning and engineering Joel Agustin said.

Globe said that since the start of the summer months, when the extreme heat exacerbated power supply challenges, it upheld an impressive record of zero downtime.

This underscores the effectiveness of the company’s robust redundancy measures and its commitment to providing reliable connectivity, even in the face of adversity, it said.

“Our facilities are designed with fail-safe mechanisms for continuous operation. Once commercial power is interrupted, our batteries immediately kick in for a six-second transition, followed by the activation of generator one. If needed, generator two will take over every four hours, ensuring uninterrupted power supply,” Agustin said.


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