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AI innovator equips PH firms to thrive in the digital age

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Zoho Corp., a leading global software company headquartered in India and the United States, has been a major player in the Philippine technology landscape for over two decades.

Zoho vice-president and general manager for Asia Pacific Gibu Mathew underscored the significance of the Philippine market to Zoho’s regional operations.

“We do we play well in the BPO space. We have customers in insurance, in IT services and other industries. Specifically, Southeast Asia and the Philippines is a very interesting market for us. It helps us learn more about what the local organizations need by conducting events. We take part in local trade shows as we work closely with local organizations to understand the needs of the business,” he said.

Zoho has consistently provided businesses across various industries with innovative and accessible cloud-based solutions.

The tech firm offers a diverse portfolio of over 50 business applications, catering to various stakeholders within organizations. This extensive suite empowers Philippine organizations to streamline operations, enhance collaboration and achieve their strategic goals. Zoho’s solutions are trusted by companies of all sizes, from thriving startups to established corporations.

Recognizing the unique needs of the Philippine market, Zoho actively engages with local businesses and organizations. The company participates in industry events and collaborates with local partners to ensure its solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the Philippine market.

Zoho leverages its global expertise and resources to offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of the digital age.

Democratization of AI

Zoho understands the transformative potential of generative AI and its impact on businesses. The company is committed to making AI accessible for Philippine businesses while prioritizing security and privacy.

It plans to integrate existing large language models like OpenAI into its existing tools, making them available as complementary services in relevant contexts. This allows various stakeholders within Philippine organizations to leverage AI functionalities directly within their Zoho tools.

Zoho’s AI can assume certain HR functions such as draft initial emails for job candidates or it can leverage AI to improve sales by generating draft emails and personalize communications.

Acknowledging limitations in publicly available language models, such as restricted access to confidential data, the tech firm is planning to develop its own private models to offer enhanced privacy features and be marketed as exclusive services.

This will allow Philippine businesses to gain higher levels of privacy, maintaining control over their confidential data and ensure it remains secure. It also plans to leverage AI models trained on their own data to generate relevant and actionable insights, leading to increased business value.

Business value

Zoho prioritizes both business value and data security in its approach to generative AI. The company emphasizes the limitations of public domain models in generating insights specific to Philippine businesses due to their lack of access to confidential data.

By leveraging their existing suite and integrating AI capabilities, Zoho aims to empower Philippine organizations with solutions tailored to their unique needs and data privacy concerns.

Zoho’s solutions are trusted by a diverse range of businesses in the Philippines, including leading insurance provider Pioneer Insurance, Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Linked VA Services and Moscato Marketing, to cite a few.

The company vows to scale up its commitment to empower more Philippine businesses with innovative and secure technology solutions.

“By embracing advancements like generative AI while prioritizing data privacy, Zoho aims to equip Philippine organizations with the tools they need to thrive in the digital landscape,” Mathew said.


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