NOW Group unveils cybersecurity solutions for the Philippines


The NOW Group unveiled cybersecurity solutions to protect critical infrastructure of small and big enterprises.

“Deploying untrusted hardware and software including sensors and devices without rigorous vetting can open the door for unauthorized surveillance on both sensitive enterprise data and individuals, effectively turning what should be a protective measure into an unintended self-inflicted breach,” said NOW Telecom president Rene Rosales.

“With the recent breaches with some of our national government agencies, we must take action immediately,” he said.

The company said Asia Pacific is the new “ground zero” for cybercrime. Enterprise and organizations in the region experienced 1,835 attacks a week in the first quarter of 2023, higher than the global average of 1,248 attacks.

It said the “Respond and Replace” program is the group’s answer to the urgent call of enterprises and governments whose offices and factories are located in the Indo-Pacific region, requiring complete end-to-end solutions to confront threats to physical and digital critical infrastructures

The program will be an ecosystem of trusted global technology partners. It may include cloud-based enterprise endpoint devices, sensors, handheld devices and video security systems.

“We understand the critical nature of highly sensitive personal information, and this program protects the data integral to the functioning and trust of key industries like finance, healthcare, government services and utility providers,” said NOW Corp. president and chief executive Henry Andrews Abes.

“Our initiative comes at a time when many critical sectors have untrusted vendors either within their network or their facilities, posing potential threats. The Respond and Replace program addresses this issue head-on,” he said.

The strategic program of NOW brings together global tech and telecom giants aligned with the Trusted Network initiative to work only with trusted vendors in building and maintaining telecommunications and infrastructure, aiming to minimize vulnerabilities that malign actors could exploit.

Around 60 nations are part of the Trusted Network initiative, and around 180 telecom companies including and global technology partners are forging a solid alliance committed to securing their data privacy and national security.