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Why Enchong Dee remains a solid Kapamilya

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Actor Enchong Dee has revealed that he was once persuaded to move to another network but opted to stay with ABS-CBN. The offer was presented to him even before the pandemic and the network shutdown.

“I was already being convinced by some quarters. It’s just that never in my wildest dream had I considered leaving the Kapamilya. As I always say, I’m already at a point in my life when I value the relationships I established. It’s really important to me,” the 33-year-old star admitted.   

Enchong Dee
Enchong Dee

Talent fee is not an issue for the actor. He said money was not the reason why he chose to stay.

“I’m known for being a ‘budgetarian’ but it’s not my main goal in my acting profession. For one, I don’t want to start a new relationship and go to the whole process once again,” he said.

“In my fifteen years with ABS-CBN, I was able to establish good relationships with people. It’s hard to be starting all over again. If I just want to earn money, I’d rather invest or go into business, which is my Plan B. I want to become a business tycoon but not to switch networks,” he added.

Loyalty to his mother studio is what matters to Enchong and he feels that the Kapamilya needs him especially during its struggling times.

“There are fellow talents who opted to leave and I respect their decision. They have valid reasons but as for me, I can say that I’ll be a Kapamilya forever,” Enchong stated.

Interestingly, the entrepreneur and former athlete decided not to accept offers for a soap opera at the moment. He was last seen in the popular primetime series Huwag Kang Mangamba.

“I need a reset. I need to ground myself once in a while. I want to rest in the meantime because I’m still getting used to lock-in tapings. I haven’t fully adjusted to the system. I’m waiting though for a film project. I like the material and it’s something that I would really like to do. Cameras were supposed to start grinding this November and would end before Christmas. But it was moved. That’s what I will wait for next year.”

When it comes to his personal state, Enchong stated that it’s one thing he wants to concentrate on in the coming days.

“That’s the reason why I want to take a break from doing teleseryes. That’s the next chapter. I can’t mix it with my job. When there’s a project, that’s where my attention is focused. Love life gets set aside,” he said.

“I know myself. When I’m ready to fall in love again, I need to take a break from my usual routines like showbiz or other business ventures which I’m doing right now. Definitely, I will make time for that,” Enchong ended.


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