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Messages from God

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“Pacquiao should take some time to reflect.”


The defeat of Senator Manny Pacquiao last weekend in Las Vegas was God’s message to him.

Pacquiao probably did not think that the Cuban Yordenis Ugas could defeat him. Ugas was an underdog.

God probably said: “Hey, Manny, you are already on top of the world so don’t aspire for more. You are now a senator, and you have your billions. If you want to help people, who can hardly keep body and soul together, don’t aspire for more glory.”

Pacquiao, being a Christian pastor, should realize God’s message deep in his heart.

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This brings me to Pacquiao’s other dream– becoming President of the Philippines. Actually, Pacquiao is blessed. Very few people are given a chance to realize that enough is enough, Santa Banana!

I’m a boxing fan. It is the modern version of the gladiators of the ancient Roman empire.

Pacquiao is and has always been the people’s champion. His loss to an underdog will never erase from the minds of Filipinos the glory he has given to the nation. I, for one, still regard him the people’s champ and the nation’s boxing icon.

He should heed God’s message. He should retire.


Is the government’s response to the COVID-19 proper? When will this fight against an unknown enemy end? How many more will die?

It’s actually a pattern. First, the nation has to go through the ECQ, or the most restrictive Enhanced Community Quarantine.

When COVID-19 cases decrease we go to the MECQ or Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. Then, when the number of cases declines further, we go to GCQ or the General Community Quarantine.

And then when there is a surge anew, we go back to ECQ. It’s all a pattern, my gulay!

The problem is that the government must balance the impact of the economy with the need to save people’s lives. But, must it always be like that indefinitely? I am no expert — if it’s God’s will, it will be done.

According to health experts, 2022 may be another year of COVID-19! But, hopefully and with enough prayers, by the middle of next year, we will have achieved herd immunity.

I’m actually glad that my wife and I are already that age where we are required to stay home, except to consult our doctor or get hospitalized. I had to go through this last February, not for COVID-19, but for the “old man’s best friend,” pneumonia.

Perhaps what we are going through as a nation is also a message from God.


Next year’s local and general elections will certainly be unique. Candidates can no longer kiss babies, shake hands, or hug supporters. They must observe physical distance.

Campaigning through the media can reach billions of pesos for presidential and vice presidential candidates and hundreds of millions of pesos for senators, governors, vice governors, mayors and vice mayors. My gulay, some candidates must resort to virtual campaigning. Flooding the country with posters and tarpaulins will cost billions of pesos. It will certainly be “glory days” for political dynasties and crime syndicates and drug lords.

Counting of ballots in precincts will certainly be questionable. The smart ones will have to rely on the magic of Smartmatic, which has always been known to have magical powers.

I can almost imagine the number of election protests. That’s how it is in the Philippines. Santa Banana, there have been cases of election protests resolved by Comelec so close to the next election. Only in the Philippines, as they say.


If you are wondering why, up to this late date, the 1Sambayan has not yet come up with a possible lineup that will challenge the Duterte administration, the reason is simple. Retired Senior Associate of the Supreme Court Tony Carpio and his fellow convenoes are having a very difficult time convincing the usual critics of the Duterte administration to accept their nomination.

Take the case of Vice President Leni Robredo. She has not yet made up her mind on whether to run for President, or simply to settle for governor of Camarines Sur, where she has a better chance to win. My gulay, the very fact that she rejected a united opposition — upon the suggestion of Senator Ping Lacson and Senate President Tito Sotto who have already proclaimed themselves to run for President and Vice President, respectively — reveals the big problem of the opposition: Disunity. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that a great number of Duterte critics do not trust each other.

Yes, former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV wants to run for president, but the convenors of 1Sambayan know that Trillanes won’t make it. Trillanes may be the worst critic of Duterte but he simply hasn’t got enough funding, not to mention charisma and support of the people.

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