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TV’s newest duo brings unlimited good vibes

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Chatting with Sef Cadayona and Andre Paras, albeit online, is like having an outrageously fun conversation with your closest pals. 

TV’s newest duo brings unlimited good vibes
Sef Cadayona and Andre Paras are hosting ‘Game of the Gens,’ TV’s newest and all-original comedy game show that aims to bring a different kind of entertainment to viewers of different generations.

In a virtual press conference held Monday, the newest television duo exchanged banters with the members of the entertainment press while they were introducing Game of the Gens (GOTG), an all-original comedy game show that premieres on GMA News TV tomorrow night.

The show, which promises to bring unlimited good vibes while raising the bar to a whole new level of entertainment experience for all generations, under the helm of esteemed director Rico Gutierrez.

Speaking to Manila Standard Entertainment, Sef and Andre shared that they feel extremely proud to be hosting the show apart from the fact that they also enjoy working together for the first time. 

 “For us to be hosts for this game show, which is original, is so surreal. I’m very thankful that they put the show in our hands and our backs, carrying it together with our co-hosts,” Andre stated.

The athlete and actor also expressed his enthusiasm to be hosting the game show with his good friend Sef.

“Just the idea that I’m doing this show with one of my idols in showbiz, I’m talking about Sef of course, is really heartwarming because we get to prove ourselves in a way that we can make people feel at home. And I’m not going to be tired of saying that,” Andre admitted.

 “I was shocked when they told me about this project because I had no idea I’d be one of the hosts they would consider. But I will do what I can to make everyone happy and proud. Also, working with Sef doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I’m hanging out with my big brother and having a great time with our guests,” he added.

Sef, who is known for his comedic prowess, is also excited to bring their own unique spin to the show. 

 “It’s different because all questions will come from different eras of pop culture that at times, some younger generations don’t even know existed. The audience and the players can look forward to the fun and the energy of the show since we’re merging different generations of people together. We have great guests and contestants who will do their best to outwit one another,” he said. 

Joining Sef and Andre in bringing top-notch entertainment in GOTG as the Gen Dolls are Mariko, Crissy, and Mariel of former Britain’s Got Talent top act The Miss Tres.

The highly-anticipated program fuses singing, dancing, and playing games by engaging two teams against each other in three rounds namely, Tough Pick, Match Better, and List Mo Na ‘Yan. Each team is composed of two pairs from different generations – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

TV’s newest duo brings unlimited good vibes

Questions and topics will vary from music, dance, entertainment, fashion, and trends from the different generations that are all relatable to the young and multigenerational. The winning pair will take home the jackpot prize of P300,000.  

For the show’s first episode tomorrow night, Barbie Forteza and her dad Antonio “Tony” Forteza play versus Ruru Madrid and Snooky Serna. 


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