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EDSA 1986 failure: Padre Damaso’s betrayal

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“As we reflect on the legacy of EDSA, let us heed the lessons of history and forge a path towards a brighter future”

The recent 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, a pivotal moment in Philippine history, was met with an appalling lack of fervor and conviction.

Instead of a resounding outcry for justice and progress, what transpired was a feeble echo of the past, tainted by the insidious influence of self-serving individuals masquerading as champions of righteousness.

A paltry gathering, composed of remnants of a bygone era, congregated at the so-called EDSA Shrine, a mere façade nestled within the confines of a commercial complex.

The hollow pomp and pageantry, officiated by the hypocritical clergy of the Roman Catholic Church, served as a stark reminder of the erosion of true values and principles.

Empty seats littered the chapel, a testament to the waning relevance of an event once hailed as a beacon of hope.

The absence of familiar faces, replaced by a motley crew of opportunists and radicals, underscored the perversion of a noble cause into a farce of political expediency.

The mass, held inconsequentially two days prior to the actual anniversary, reeked of hypocrisy and pretense.

The organizers, driven by their own selfish agenda, sought to divert attention from their own failings by cloaking themselves in the garb of righteousness.

Father Manoling Francisco, a mouthpiece of deceit, shamelessly proclaimed the EDSA uprising as a divine intervention, an insult to the intelligence of the Filipino people.

His attempts to equate a political upheaval with God’s salvation reek of blasphemy and arrogance.

Yet, the glaring hypocrisy of such assertions is laid bare by the glaring atrocities committed under the subsequent administration of Corazon Aquino.

From the bloodshed of the Mendiola massacre to the shameful exemptions of her family’s vast estates from land reform, Aquino’s reign was marred by corruption and betrayal.

The collusion between the Roman Catholic Church and the political elite, epitomized by the self-serving machinations of Jaime Cardinal Sin, exposes the rot at the core of our society.

Instead of advocating for the marginalized and oppressed, these so-called guardians of morality have become complicit in perpetuating a system of injustice and inequality.

It is time for Filipinos to rise up against the tyranny of deception and reclaim their rightful place as agents of change.

We must reject the false prophets and charlatans who seek to divide us for their own gain.

Our collective future depends on our ability to break free from the shackles of ignorance and apathy, and embrace the values of truth, justice, and accountability.

As we reflect on the legacy of EDSA, let us heed the lessons of history and forge a path towards a brighter future.

Only by standing united against the forces of corruption and oppression can we truly achieve the progress and prosperity we so desperately seek.

The time for action is now.


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