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#ANONGBALITA Swifties unite: High demand for UP’s Taylor Swift course

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Some 300 students are planning to enrol in the elective class “Celebrity Studies: Taylor Swift in Focus” offered at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

“The demand for it is as high as 300 students who wanted to enlist in the course,” Associate Professor Cherish Brillon said.

Brillon said one section was offered to Broadcast Communications students while another was opened to students from other courses.

“For the first offering we decided to do Taylor Swift, but there will be other celebrities in succeeding semesters who will be part of this area of disciplines in our field,” she said.

“Using Taylor Swift as an example situates the course in a transnational media ecology/environment that’s vastly different from what has been previously studied,” Brillon added.

UP follows the lead of institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and New York University in offering courses on pop culture icons.


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