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Cristy Fermin denies allegations against Dominic Roque, Lolit Solis reacts

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Following Dominic Roque’s official statement refuting allegations made by Cristy Fermin, the veteran columnist defended herself on her online show, “Cristy Ferminute,” denying any mention of specific names when discussing Roque’s finances.

“It is very clear that we did not say that Mr. Bong Suntay is a benefactor of Dominic Roque. We are not saying that he had a gas station because of special treatment,” Fermin said in the vernacular.

In her previous vlog, the showbiz writer claimed that Roque owned a Cleanfuel gasoline station, which the company later debunked in a statement. Congressman Suntay also dismissed the claims, stressing that the actor was just a brand ambassador.

“I just found out now that you were hurt and accused of your gender. I am not the one who will ask forgiveness from you. I did not say that Dominic Roque lives in a condo unit owned by a gay politician. I did not mention anything like that. I will not allow myself to be pushed against the wall without a fight,” Fermin said.

“Especially because my heart and conscience are clear that I did not hurt anyone, there was no malice in my words, and especially no defamation,” she carried on.

On Feb. 20, Congressman Suntay and Mayor Jalosjos broke their silence in a vlog with broadcast journalist Jay Ruiz. The mayor admitted that the condo was his and said that he and Roque were just friends.

Meanwhile, veteran showbiz columnist and talent manager Lolit Solis advised those meddling in the Bea and Roque breakup issue to stop spreading gossip.

“For me, filing a case is not worth it. Try climbing up to the city hall without an elevator. You know, I’ve been sued before, I’ve asked for forgiveness from Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby because of Veronica Samio. She was my editor; I could still climb stairs, but she couldn’t anymore. It’s difficult to go up and down when you have a case to settle. I just sincerely asked for forgiveness to put an end to it. Being sued is difficult, it’s expensive. It’s not worth it,” Solis explained.

She also offered unsolicited advice to Roque while he’s the talk of the town.

“If he’s smart, he can become even more famous in showbiz. He should take advantage of the issue, he’s the man of the hour. This is showbiz, he should use the opportunity for something good to get noticed. Everyone is talking about,” she said.


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