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Nadine Lustre reacts to Vilma Santos’ approval for ‘T-Bird at Ako’ reboot

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Nadine Lustre recently reacted to the news that followers of Vilma Santos approve of her doing the reboot of T-Bird at Ako alongside Kathryn Bernardo.

Despite Vilma’s approval of her work, Nadine feels that her comfort level is a crucial factor, stating, “Honestly, I don’t think I’m ready for something like that at this point.” 

Her main concern lies in the daring and intimate nature of the role, questioning her ability to effectively bring the character to life in such a challenging context.

When questioned about the main reason behind her unreadiness for the remake, Nadine stated, “I think it’s very daring and very intimate! I doubt if I can breathe life into the character effectively; that’s why I have apprehensions.”

The original film delved into mature themes, showcasing the acting prowess of the two movie queens. Does she not want to be part of the remake of such a great movie?

“I’m not saying that I am closing my doors to the possibility of doing the remake. For one, it’s a challenge, and I’m up for challenges. It’s something that I can work on. Let’s see.”

The dusky actress recalled the opportunity to work with Ate Vi in an episode of the now-defunct drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya. If given the chance to do a movie with the Star for All Seasons, would she grab it?

“Yes, of course! I’m looking forward to working with her once again. I’m game! You know me, I’m always excited to work with new people. It would be an honor to share the cameras with her again!”

On a lighter note, Nadine is excited about what 2024 will bring for her.

“I have a positive feeling about this new year. I feel like it’s too early for me to say what’s going to happen this year, but my goal is to be productive. I want to have creative projects not necessarily connected with my showbiz career like music or pottery.”

Interestingly, the award-winning star has completed a project under acclaimed director Mikhail Red.

“Yes, it’s the horror movie ‘Nokturno,’ which is in its post-production stage. Hope the people will support it,” she concluded.

* * *

Remember Xia Vigor, the child actress who co-starred with Aga Muhlach in the movie Miracle in Cell No. 7, which ended up as the top-grosser in the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival? She’s back in the scene via Itutumba Ka ng Tatay Ko opposite Janno Gibbs. When she did her first movie, she was only 10 years old. Now, she’s 14 years old.

“Actually, after Miracle in Cell No. 7, COVID-19 struck, and my mother decided that we stay in Mindoro. I’m grateful for her decision because the place was free from the pandemic. I experienced the normal life of a kid. I learned so much from that experience,” Xia says.

But, showbiz is close to her heart. S, after a couple of years living there, her mom asked me if I still wanted to pursue my acting craft, and I told her it’s my passion and I want to be part of the entertainment field. Now that I’m back, I hope that there will be more projects that I can work on!”

Welcome back, Xia!


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