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Advocacy group pledges support for peace talks

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The Political Officers League of the Philippines (POLPhil) said it will support peace talks between the government and communist rebels to achieve lasting peace.

The POLPhil recently held the National Peace Advocates Summit (NPAS) at the Hive Hotel Convention Place in Quezon City, where POLPhil members pronounced their commitment to peace.

About 200 people attended the summit representing various sectors including transport, labor, academe, and government. Former rebels and soldiers, solo parents; and urban poor leaders, also attended the said event.

Former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, in a video message during the event, cited the efforts of the POLPhil to hear the voice of the people on issues affecting their lives, which must be part of the opening dialogue between the government and leftist groups including the CPP/NDF.

Puno also recognized representatives from the government and rebel groups to engage in dialogue, which, unfortunately, did not yield results.

Puno also urged the group to “keep up the great work.”

“Take the vantage point of the people and hear their voices,” Puno stated, adding that “in order to have meaningful peace talks, the intervention of the people is needed, their participation and the inclusion of their agenda that affects the marginal sector of society.”

Rudy Caneda, president of POLPhil Rudy, said the event was a political gathering of various personalities and leaders of each sector who participate in a dialogue centered on



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