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Kathryn among invited guests in Bea-Dominic wedding; Daniel excluded from guest list

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Dominic Roque confirmed that Kathryn Bernardo is invited to his upcoming wedding with actress Bea Alonzo following their engagement last year. The ceremony is happening somewhere in Albay.

The news came during The Luxe’s Beauty & Wellness Group Thanksgiving Party at City of Dreams on Saturday, where the entertainment press quizzed Dominic if Kathryn and her ex-boyfriend Daniel Padilla were invited to his wedding.

“Kath [is invited],” said the 33-year-old actor and model.

While Kathryn’s invitation is sealed, the press then asked if Daniel is also invited to his special day. Dominic jokingly evaded the question about Daniel, citing their lack of communication since 2020. The actor is known to be a close friend of Kathryn and Daniel (KathNiel).

“Yes, because I’m not okay with DJ [Daniel] yet. I mean, we’re not talking since 2020. We haven’t seen each other for the longest time since 2020,” explained Dominic. He clarified that the final guest list is still being finalized, leaving the door open for reconciliation.

The three belong to the same circle of friends called the Nguya Squad, along with other celebrity friends such as Patrick Sugui, Marco Gumabao, Ria Atayde, Joe Vargas, Bianca Yanga, Pat Sugui, Aeriel Garcia, Josef Elizalde, Khalil Ramos, and Gabbi Garcia.

Aside from Kathryn, Marco, Khalil, and Patrick are also attending the wedding according to Dominic. 

“They are the ones I’ve been with since I entered showbiz. That’s why I’m excited to be with them [on my wedding day],” he said.

Kathryn Bernardo (left) and Daniel Padilla are known to be close friends of Dominic

Dominic did not mention the reason why his friendship with Daniel was not currently in good standing. However, it could be remembered that in September 2021, netizens began to notice Dominic’s avoidance of Daniel. He was also rarely seen hanging out with their group. The issue escalated when they unfollowed each other on Instagram. It was not specified exactly when the rift between Daniel and Dominic began, but it became apparent when it was reported that Bea and Dominic were in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Dominic was vocal about their wedding preparation and mentioned that they’ve been very into it since the new year started.

“The wedding is happening outside Metro Manila, the guest list is not yet complete, but our best friends, families, and relatives are going to be there. Next week, we’ll go full swing with the planning,” Dominic shared.

The actor mentioned that a lot of their friends are trying to help out with the wedding planning and preparations, making it easier for the couple.

‘Sometimes, she gets annoyed with me because she feels like I’m not too involved, but every woman has a dream wedding, and Bea has one. We’re just thankful that a lot of our friends are involved in this. It’s her dream [wedding], so I’m giving it to her; we’re doing it together,” Dominic said.


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