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The big battle for dominance

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In the highly competitive local automotive industry, car manufacturers and dealers are preparing for a close and intense battle this year. Executive officials from various companies are poised to make their moves, signaling their commitment to lead the market.

These car companies have already stocked up on a range of new and capable vehicles, ready to be introduced to the local market. The timing and manner of their unveiling have been extensively discussed within the respective boards of these companies, creating anticipation and speculation.

As executive positions are filled or being finalized, the focus now shifts to identifying suitable venues and dates for vehicle launches, which have become the top priority. The growing number of motoring media professionals attending these events can expect a hectic schedule, as both car companies and aftermarket product manufacturers strive to capture their attention. From tires and car covers to oils and camping essentials, there is no shortage of products vying for exposure.

This year, the market is expected to see a surge in demand for larger vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and crossovers. Car buyers are increasingly seeking bigger and more comfortable vehicles for both everyday use and family road trips. Last year’s rise in sales for Mitsubishi and Ford, specifically in the big vehicle segment, serves as a clear indication that this trend will continue. Other major manufacturers are likely to introduce their own large vehicles to remain competitive in this growing market.

Furthermore, the popularity of overlanding and glamping, which refer to outdoor camping experiences, is set to continue its boom this year. As more destinations outside the city open up to adventurers, the need for larger vehicles becomes apparent, and those with the means are willing to invest in them.

While the leading car brand, which has consistently dominated in terms of sales and market share, is expected to introduce several vehicles across different segments, its competitors are not far behind. The other four car brands that ranked accordingly last year – Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan, and Suzuki – are also expected to put up a strong fight in the market with their impressive lineup of vehicles ready for unveiling this year.


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