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Resurgence of PBBM approval ratings due to decisive actions on inflation, job creation — Eastern Samar governor

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President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s successful efforts on three key issues—inflation, economic growth and employment—have allowed his approval ratings to bounce back by three points, according to Eastern Samar Governor Ben P. Evardone.

Gov. Evardone lauded the direction of the Marcos administration on these issues after a Pulse Asia poll showed the President’s approval ratings were up by three points, from 65% to 68% in December 2023.

Prior to Pulse Asia’s survey period, employment rate under the Marcos administration soared to 95.8%, the highest in 18 years. The Philippine economy also posted a 5.9% GDP growth in the 3rd quarter, the strongest among major Asian economies.

President Marcos had also implemented key directives to strengthen the country’s agricultural sector by prioritizing local production over imports, promoting Filipino farmers’ capability to produce rice, as well as increasing farmgate price of local rice but selling it at a lower rate through the National Food Authority (NFA).

In a statement, Gov. Evardone said the bounce-back on approval ratings should be expected as the Marcos’ administration’s efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

“This reflects the public’s approval and appreciation of what the President has done to tame inflation, spur economic growth and create jobs,” Gov. Evardone said.

“As more of these initiatives are pursued, and bear fruits that will benefit the people, expect the satisfaction score of the administration to go up as well,” the Eastern Samar governor added.

But Gov. Evardone stressed that “the challenge now is how to further increase the approval ratings of the President,” pointing out that the upward trajectory “will hold on the back of measures that address the needs of the public.”

“It will be built on the gains of the past. The template of decisive action the President has shown is what will move us forward,” he said.

However, public officials should “not be affected and guided solely on survey ratings but more importantly, on our commitment to serve our people,” Gov. Evardone said.

“We should continue to aggressively implement more programs for the poor, especially those in the countryside,” the governor added.


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