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Rainy Medina: PH Motorsport’s newest rising name

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The Philippines has yet another promising young driver making waves in the world of motorsports. Rainy Medina, a 21-year-old newcomer, has recently showcased his talent and proved that he has what it takes to win on the track. Stepping away from the traditional path of starting with go-kart racing, Medina has set his sights on international competitions and is determined to make his mark.

Representing Raceform, Medina emerged as the 2023 Formula V1 Challenge AM Class champion in his rookie year. In the first leg of the championship last June, he made an impressive debut as a professional driver, winning his first two races and securing a podium finish in the third race. Despite his relative inexperience, Medina continued his dominance in the second leg held in November, outperforming 13 other talented competitors on a wet and slippery Clark International Speedway.

When asked about his achievements, Medina expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “That is truly unforgettable in my racing career. Formula V1 is the entry-level formula racing that I wanted to be a part of, and I’m so happy that I achieved so much despite the odds.” Meeting Medina in a café in Quezon City, it was clear that his passion for racing runs deep, having spent time at the racetrack with his racing enthusiast father since childhood.

Although Medina had a brief stint at the Porsche racing school in the United States, his aspirations to build a career in racing in the US proved to be financially challenging. Instead, he decided to pursue his love for car racing in Manila, where his mother’s roots lie in Pangasinan.

Looking ahead to the future, Medina has ambitious plans. “Next year, we’re targeting Radical, Formula VITA in Japan, and probably Formula 1000 in the UK,” he shared. Currently back in the US with his family, Medina is seeking additional support from commercial sponsors to further his professional driving career. He dreams of competing in Formula 4 and even up to Formula 3, and he is determined to work hard to achieve his goals. With Filipino drivers gaining recognition on the international stage, Medina hopes to find himself on the podium in various racing competitions abroad someday.

Rainy Medina represents the growing talent and passion for motorsports in the Philippines. As he sets his sights on international racing success, he serves as an inspiration to aspiring drivers and a reminder that with dedication, skill, and support, dreams can become a reality.


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