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9 in 10 facing new year with hope—survey

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Nine in 10 Filipinos said they will face 2024 “with hope,” a Pulse Asia survey released on Friday showed.

The same survey found majority of Filipinos or 41 percent of the respondents said their holiday celebrations this year will be just as prosperous as in 2022.

At least 30 percent of the respondents said they will be having a “more prosperous” Christmas this year than last year’s, while 13 percent said their celebrations will be “poorer” now.

“Amid the various challenges Filipinos face on a daily basis, most of them continue to remain optimistic, with 92 percent saying they will face the new year with hope. This is the prevailing sentiment in every geographic area and socio-economic grouping,” Pulse Asia said.

Only one percent of the respondents said they will face 2024 without hope while seven percent are ambivalent on the matter.

The survey, conducted from Dec. 3 to 7, 2023, had 1,200 respondents.

“For a big plurality of Filipinos (41 percent), their holiday celebration this year will be as prosperous as the one they had a year ago,” Pulse Asia said, adding this is essentially the same as the 42 percent posted in November 2022.

The sentiment, Pulse Asia said, is echoed by sizeable pluralities to small majorities in Metro Manila (62 percent), the rest of Luzon (48 percent), Class D (41 percent), and Class E (34 percent).

Sixteen percent of Filipinos, however, said the holiday celebration this year will be as unprosperous as in 2022, while 13 percent said that it would be poorer than last year.

“Regarding holidays still not being prosperous, 20 percent from Balance Luzon and Mindanao made that claim, followed by 11 percent from NCR and seven percent from Visayas,” Pulse Asia said.


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