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Millennial vs. Gen Z fashion: Who wore it better? 

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Fashion trends are ever-evolving, with new fads constantly emerging as generations continue to embrace their unique style that embodies their personalities. Recently, the public has debated who has a superior look: millennials or Gen Zs. 

Both generations grew up during the turn of the new century, when technology, digitization, and radical ideas became prevalent. Seeing the years between the two eras, one would assume they have contrasting preferences in all aspects, especially fashion. However, millennial and Gen Z styles have more similarities than differences. 

For instance, denim appreciation resurfaced in the modern fashion scenes, with the pieces going beyond the regular jeans. People from both generations prefer wearing denim as accessories, jackets, vests, or shirts–endless possibilities. The difference here is the fit. Millennials prefer tight and cropped denim pieces, like low-rise jeans and belly tops, to show off their silhouette. In the meantime, Gen Z opts for oversized clothing, like baggy, high-rise pants that boast comfort with sacrificing style, especially with the continuing popularity of streetwear.

Millennials opt for fitted and cropped denim items, such as low-rise jeans and crop tops, to accentuate their figure

Color is another relevant element in fashion, with people constantly switching their palette preferences. Although millennials appreciate a pop of color in their ensemble, they lean toward soft pastels and neutrals. Yet this didn’t stop them from wearing graphic tops, colorful patterns, and eye-catching accessories. Ultimately, the colors and designs must match to create a cohesive look. 

In the meantime, Gen Zs, born and raised in the digital era, with social media a significant factor in their lives, prefer making bright and bold statements with their fashion. They prefer donning neons, clashing patterns, and over-the-top structures that allow them to stand out. 

Another similar yet contrasting fashion preference between the two generations is their love for cardigans. These outerwear pieces are comfortable and stylish and can tie together any look for nearly any occasion. The millennials and Gen Zs disagree on the length, with the former opting for longer cardigans paired with skinny jeans and a graphic tee and the latter preferring cropped cardigans with buttons. 

Lastly, every generation knows the relevance of accessorizing to create a well-defined look for any occasion. Here, two style preferences from the two generations clash–minimalism and maximalism. Millennials prefer minimalist styles that add a touch of elegance and personality to their ensemble, meaning they just add a piece or two here and there. Meanwhile, Gen Zs love blocky pieces or adding more accessories throughout their outfit to maximize their space and boost their overall aesthetic. 

Yet when it comes to choosing accessories, millennials and Gen Zs can agree on choosing ethical products that promote local industries or underserved communities. It’s all about making a statement while leaving a positive impact on the community. 

So which generation wore it better, the millennials or the Gen Zs? The jury’s still out, but as far as the discussion goes, it seems they’re at a standstill as fashion is a form of self-expression, with every person having their own unique style. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that both generations and their fashion trends made a significant mark on their eras and may yet continue resurfacing in the fashion scene.


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