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News fronliner Jiggy Manicad finds new home in TV5

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Award-winning journalist Jiggy Manicad, known for his international reporting, will join Frontline Pilipinas as an anchor starting next month. Signing his official contract with TV5 on December 7, Manicad brings over two decades of journalism experience to his new role, emphasizing his commitment to providing insightful news coverage and public service.

Known for his dedication to truth-seeking and compelling storytelling, Jiggy brings his wealth of experience to NEWS5 as he joins Luchi Cruz-Valdes, Cheryl Cosim, Julius Babao, Ed Lingao, Lourd De Veyra, Kaladkaren, and Mikee Reyes as one of the main anchors of Frontline Pilipinas. From hard-hitting news to human-interest stories, his fearless reporting and frontline presence have earned him the respect and admiration of Filipino audiences.

“With the remarkable growth achieved by Frontline Pilipinas as a preferred choice of more Filipinos for accurate and timely news, bringing Jiggy onboard will not just add depth and experience to our primetime newscast, but it will more importantly bolster our capacity to provide the best kind of public service that our Kapatid viewers deserve,” expressed TV5 President and CEO Guido R. Zaballero.

From his early days as a field reporter to his distinguished role as an anchor and correspondent, Jiggy has come to represent many Filipinos, giving a voice to the voiceless. As a public servant, he continues to inspire the youth and keep the spirit of journalism alive.

“Jiggy is an exemplar of earnest, do-all-possible, get-to-the-bottom everyday reporting that broadcast journalists should follow. News5 can only get stronger with Jiggy in the team. He will up our game a couple of notches,” shared TV5’s Head of News and Information, Luchi Cruz-Valdes.

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