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Meycauayan’s gem of a leader

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Located some ways north of Metro Manila, the city of Meycauayan in Bulacan is a highly urbanized green city. It also holds the distinction of being the jewelry center of the Philippines and sets a benchmark of exemplary governance with inclusive social services where citizens are responsible, communities are safe and resilient, and the economy is prosperous.

Seated at the city’s helm is Henry Villarica, whose family founded Villarica Pawnshop Inc., a company with more than 500 branches all over the Philippines. His attention to detail and expertise have earned his constituents’ trust.

Villarica, also known as Atorni Henry, was born and raised in Meycauayan, giving him a firsthand view of the city’s needs to prosper accordingly. He is the son of Quirino Villarica and Paz Resurreccion Villarica, who founded the pawnshop chain in 1954.

Aside from growing up in an entrepreneurial household, the incumbent Meycauayan mayor found political inspiration from his mother, who was once a councilor in their hometown. She juggled all her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and political figure, inspiring her son to be passionate about their family business and serving others.

In 1971, Villarica became a topnotcher in the Philippine Bar Examination with a score of 92.40 percent. He married 4th District of Bulacan Rep. Linabelle Ruth “LV” Villarica, and the pair have worked together closely to grow the business and provide exemplary public leadership to their community.

Being mayor entails many responsibilities for Villarica. As the local chief executive, he follows a 10-point agenda to govern his actions in the following years. It uses MEYCAUAYAN as an acronym, which stands for Modernized Jewellery and Leather Industry, Employment opportunities, Yardstick for exemplary governance, Center for quality education, Attractive business opportunities, Urban redevelopment for flood-resilient city, Adaptive and resilient environment, Yes to effective solid waste management, Action-oriented leadership against crime and disorder, and Nurturing Inclusive Growth.

He also supports infrastructure projects in Meycauayan, fostering initiatives to propel the city toward the future.

Villarica also served as the 4th District Representative from 2019 to 2022, allowing his wife to take his place as mayor and continue their brand of public service.

Meycauayan is a gem of a city with immense potential, and with Villarica holding the reins, the city and its residents have front-row seats to witness how he’s polishing the municipality to become its best version yet.


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