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Most Filipinos value eating healthy foods after the pandemic—Kantar study

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Most Filipinos value the importance of eating healthy, but still weigh in the balance of healthy food and the price of these products, according to a survey by marketing data and analytics company Kantar.

Kantar Philippines world panel division managing director Marie-Anne Lezoraine said in the “Wealth in Health” study that despite the move from pandemic to post-pandemic lifestyle, the Filipino’s food-buying habit has started leaning towards buying more healthy food.

“Nearly all Filipinos believe in the importance of focusing on one’s health and appreciate the value in choosing healthy grocery items for themselves and their families. Their motivations and how these influence their shopping habits though differ depending on their location, as availability of these products becomes a challenge,” she said in a briefing Thursday.

Results of the “Wealth in Health” study show that nearly all or 99 percent of Filipinos consider remaining healthy as important, with 97 percent of respondents recognizing the value of buying healthy grocery items for their homes.

The concern for the health of family members and personal peace of mind are the top reasons why Filipino shoppers choose to purchase healthy grocery items, the study said.

It revealed that 72 percent of shoppers are actually buying healthy grocery items consistently, with residents of the National Capital Region (NCR) purchasing healthy food options more frequently at 84 percent compared to 55 percent in Mindanao.

Meanwhile, the socioeconomic stature of Filipinos does not seem to make a big impact on their consistency in purchasing healthy grocery items with 77 percent of the upper class buying often, followed closely by class D at 70 percent and class E at 75 percent, according to the study.


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