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CLIOC Brings Country’s First Radixact Radiation Treatment

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In its continued pursuit to lead and provide advanced cancer care in the country, the Central Luzon Integrated Oncology Center (CLIOC) in San Fernando, Pampanga now offers treatment using the Philippines’ first-ever Radixact Machine.

Radixact, the next-generation TomoTherapy® platform, stands out as one of the most integrated systems for cancer treatment available today. The machine is equipped to handle and treat a wide range of malignant and benign tumors throughout the body, including the most complicated cases.

Radixact has revolutionized the technique and approach to cancer treatment using radiation therapy, as Dr. Misael Cruz, a Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director of CLIOC affirmed.

Dr. Cruz explained that Radixact implies more precision from the root word “exact” – radiation that is exact. This machine can adapt to the size of the tumor as it changes in real-time.

“This saves both the time and costs for the patient in doing another plan in such cases where there is a significant change noted in the treatment field,” said Dr. Cruz.

He also added that this machine provides a clearer review of images while treating the patient and monitoring the status of the tumor, resulting in better subjectivity and objectivity in treatment evaluation.

Medical Physicist Ms. Melania Francisco explained that with Radixact, the radiation beams are divided into “beamlets” – the microscopic radiation shapes revolving around the body of the patient in a helical pattern creating a way to destroy the tumor wherever it is in the body while avoiding healthy tissues. These are more precise than the radiation beams of conventional systems. The high precision of the amount of radiation can help reduce fatigue and skin problems, which are two of the most common side effects of radiation therapy.

“The radiation delivery is also fast which makes it convenient for patients. This is good news for all cancer patients that need radiation treatment since having a lesser unwanted dose to healthy tissues means potentially fewer side effects consequently giving patients the opportunity to live quality lives,” said Ms. Francisco.

Radixact and the Global Healthcare System

The consumerization of healthcare is now a firmly established phenomenon across all fields, including radiation oncology. Developed by Accuray, Radixact gives radiation oncology practices stand-out treatment capabilities that uniquely suit today’s global healthcare system realities.

“This system delivers the critical outcomes that today’s patients-as-consumers are seeking,” said Accuray.

Radixact is supported by two decades of published clinical follow-up, providing real-world evidence of its versatility and efficiency as today’s highly informed patients-as-consumers want to see clinical proof.

It also offers the advantage of shorter, more condensed treatment plans compared to traditional radiation therapy, leading to fewer clinic visits and lower co-pay expenses for patients. This less disruptive treatment schedule also minimizes the financial impact on patients’ employment and childcare.

Committed to Care

CLIOC is dedicated to providing comprehensive cancer care to its patients. The acquisition of the Radixact Machine is just one example of the center’s unwavering commitment to bringing and extending HOPE to cancer patients, using accessible world-class facilities for the dignified Filipino people. This milestone is not for CLIOC. This is for YOU.

For more information about the Radixact Machine at CLIOC, please visit GF Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center, Barangay Maimpis, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, or call 0917-620-5263.


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