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Senator Lito Lapid recalls missed opportunity to work with Jackie Chan

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Senator Lito Lapid recently hosted a Christmas party, recalling his missed opportunity to collaborate with Jackie Chan due to the sudden success of Drunken Master, the latter’s blockbuster 1979 film. 

“We were supposed to be in a movie together,” the senator said, recalling his near collaboration with the international action star. “At that time, he was working on Drunken Master. In his next project, we were supposed to be together. They talked about it, and only the schedule needed to be worked out. They even agreed on the TF (talent fee),” the senator explained, speaking in the presence of Jesse Chua, the producer who took a gamble on him and launched him in his first starring role in The Jess Lapid Story in 1978.

“But what happened was, Drunken Master suddenly became a box office hit. When Jessie went back to Jackie’s manager, the price had changed,” the senator continued, lamenting the missed opportunity.

“It’s crazy how just because Jackie suddenly became popular, the planned project didn’t push through,” the senator said in the vernacular even remembering having dinner together with Jackie in a restaurant in Hong Kong for their supposed project.

“Yes, we met, we saw each other in a restaurant. It’s really a shame,” he added.

Meanwhile, Senator Lapid expressed gratitude to the showbiz press and explained why he prioritized them during the holiday season. 

“I really want that when there’s a Christmas party, the showbiz press comes first. I owe you a lot. You were with me for a long time before. You have helped me a lot, and I am happy with you. So in occasions like this, you are the ones I think of,” Senator Lapid said.

Currently, Lapid can be seen in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo alongside Lorna Tolentino, forming the successful PriManda tandem.


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