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Growing dreams and seedlings for a brighter future

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By JB Peralta

Denver Biang, 25, is a farmer from Bineng in La Trinidad, Benguet, who owns SayMayat Vegetable Farming, an agricultural enterprise that produces and sells lettuce seedlings to other farmers.

His journey began with a simple yet ingenious idea. He recognized that many farmers found the process of sprouting their seeds and nurturing seedlings to be time-consuming. Biang then focused on lettuce seedling production to make life easier for his fellow farmers, offering ready-to-plant seedlings.

SayMayat Vegetable Farming produces and sells lettuce seedlings to other farmers

The lush greenhouses of SayMayat Vegetable Farming are brimming with lettuce seedlings. Biang and his family dedicated themselves day in and day out to propagate seedlings. They work tirelessly, from picking sprouts and transferring them to seedling trays to carefully controlling the temperature within the greenhouses. In a single day, they can complete up to 130 trays of seedlings.

Biang’s commitment doesn’t stop there; he also employs local students, paying them P350 per day with free meals as they assist in various farm activities. He also extends his hand to elderly relatives.

In 2021, he discovered the Young Farmers’ Challenge (YFC) competition, later becoming one of the seven winners in Benguet during the provincial-level match, earning him a well-deserved prize of P50,000 to expand his seedling farm further.

Biang employs aspiring farmers, regardless of age, and teaches them some insights into agriculture

The High-Value Crops Development Program also played a crucial role in the young farmer’s success. He received two rolls of cellophane and 25 crates to help with farm operations.

In 2022, the Agriculture Training Institute-Cordillera recognized SayMayat Vegetable Farming as one of Benguet’s best-performing learning sites for agriculture.

Because of this recognition, Biang attracted aspiring farmers looking for hands-on experience with seedling production and proper lettuce planting techniques.

As he continues to nurture his farm and dreams, Biang embodies the spirit of the modern farmer: dedicated, innovative, and committed to making a difference. With the unwavering support of the DA-CAR, SayMayat Vegetable Farming is a beacon of hope and inspiration for the future of agriculture in Benguet and beyond.


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