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Heart Evangelista, Alden Richards explore idea of onscreen collab

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Heart Evangelista and Alden Richards were recently spotted at a block screening for the hit movie Five Break-ups and a Romance where they expressed their mutual admiration and support for each other.

“Everybody loves Alden!” Heart said.

“I’m thankful to Heart for her consistent support,” Alden replied. “I remember when I had a block screening for my movie ‘Hello, Love Goodbye’ in 2019, she was there to show her support. She’s really very supportive, so my support for her endeavors is also there.”

Heart revealed that she cried while watching the film and praised the story for its realism and liberation.

“What’s good in contemporary cinema is that now, actors can say bad words or smoke on screen,” she said. “It’s very realistic and liberating. It feels good that it’s possible at this point.”

Heart also admitted that she misses doing movies, and plans to have at least one movie project in the coming days.

Alden, meanwhile, expressed his interest in doing an on-screen project with Heart.

“That’s true!” he said. “Hopefully, our schedules will match.”

When asked what genre they would like their maiden screen collaboration to fall under, Heart revealed that she already has a storyline in mind.

“And I know the plot,” Alden added. “And I can say it’s beautiful. The content is just nice. But Heart and I would first talk about it formally.”

Fans of Heart and Alden are excited about the possibility of seeing them collaborate on a project and are eager to learn more about the storyline that Heart has envisioned.

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Actress Lovi Poe is grateful for the understanding and support of her husband, Monty Blencowe, who has allowed her to continue to pursue her career as an actress even after their marriage on August 26.

“Actually, a week after the wedding, I went straight to the taping of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo and I’m scheduled to fly to Italy for ASAP Natin ‘To,” Lovi shared in a recent interview. “It’s good that my husband is very understanding.”

Lovi says that her husband’s understanding and support is a huge factor in their easy set-up.

“When I’m filming, it’s me who’s always traveling, whether here or out of the country. We’re just taking it positively,” she said. “He wants to see me shine and succeed as an individual. I’m just very lucky that he is like that. I know that we’re on the next level but then, he still wants to see me shine.”

With their current long-distance relationship set up, Lovi says that having a baby is not part of their immediate plans.

“For now, we want to focus on work and being together,” she said. “We have lots of plans like we want to produce a movie where I’ll be the main attraction and to be directed by a critically-acclaimed young director. Hope it pushes through.”

Lovi and Monty’s decision to prioritize their career and relationship over having a baby is a reflection of their modern and forward-thinking mindset. They are both successful individuals who are passionate about their work, and they are not afraid to break traditional norms in order to achieve their goals.

Their story is an inspiration to many couples who are also trying to balance their careers and relationships. It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to family planning and that couples should make decisions that are best for their own unique situation.


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