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Wilbert Ross on overcoming depression, finding strength through music

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Actor-singer Wilbert Ross opened up about his struggles with mental health years ago and how they have shaped him into the better person he is right now.

The 26-year-old actor revealed that he was clinically diagnosed with severe depression in 2019. He also disclosed that there were times when he tried hurting himself as a means of coping with the pain.

“It was really dark for me. I had problems with my family, and career, and I was alone. I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I didn’t want to burden my family or my friends in Hashtags,” said Wilbert.

Wilbert rose to fame as a member of It’s Showtime’s boy group Hashtags, formed in 2017. 

“Disappointments. I knew I had the potential, but I couldn’t still make it. I would compare myself to my fellow members: ‘Why do they have this? Why don’t they appreciate me?’” he continued.

The actor shared that being alone had helped him to become stronger and prepared him for what the future had in store for him.

“It molded me. I learned to grow and become independent. After all those struggles, I would say no one could break me because I was able to overcome anything on my own,” he said.

During the dark phase of his life, the former Hashtag member added that to cope with his depression, he tried writing songs that would inspire him.

He turned those dark days into beautiful songs of survival, love, and hope. One of which is “Benteng Ukit,” which he described as his “depression song.”

“That’s what I wrote during the time when I was at the peak of my depression,” said Wilbert.

The song is one of the six tracks included in his new extended play titled “Lampara,” along with “Nakangiti,” “Dramatic Actor,” “Byahe Ng Buhay,” “Andito Lang Ako,” and “Handa Ako.”

When asked why he named his EP “Lampara,” he shared that he believed that each of us has our own lamp.

“Lampara because we always have that lamp that will always give light to our dark nights,” he explained.

The singer-songwriter also shared that it was his plan to release his EP this October to coincide with the celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month. Wilbert explained that “Lampara” delved into the importance of mental health issues.

“The music video itself tackles things that are not often discussed, such as mental health and depression.”

When asked by Manila Standard Entertainment who his “Lampara” is, Wilbert answered, “I’m very independent now. I can say that my own lamp is myself. I can motivate myself.”

Wilbert is in a good place with Viva as his agency, and he’s grateful for their creative freedom and support. He’s also happy to be able to do music and acting at the same time.

Wilbert is also excited about his nomination for Best Male Performance at the 36th AWIT Awards, and he hopes to work with Moira Dela Torre and Sarah Geronimo in the future. For his dream roles, he’d love to take on a challenging role as a psycho, Joker-type, or even a drag queen. 

Now that he’s in the spotlight, Wilbert promises to do his best to prove his dedication. He’ll keep releasing songs constantly, and he has plans for a tour next year titled Singer, Songwriter Din Po Ako Tour. He’s also looking forward to releasing a new song called “Makaluma.”


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