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Visual artist Kristine Lim

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Bridging horizons
through art and culture

We explore the world of visual artist  Kristine Lim, the creative genius responsible for the remarkable art exhibit known as Bridging Horizons

This unique exhibition, which was recently unveiled at both Gallery Joaquin in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and the historic Manila Metropolitan Theatre, transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic displays. It represents a profound cultural revelation, a diplomatic odyssey, and a resounding call for unity.

In an exclusive interview with  Manila Standard Life, Lim shared her vision for  Bridging Horizons: Naval Culture Thru Arts.  This collaborative effort between the artist and the Philippine Navy goes beyond the confines of art and aims to transcend borders, reinforcing national civil defense efforts and leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

Kristine Lim’s ‘Amak Art’ at Galerie Joaquin

Director  Ariel Atendido, Project Manager of Lim’s visionary undertaking, underscores the significance of this endeavor, emphasizing that it represents “mutual understanding, cultural ties, and civil operations.” This event goes beyond art; it reflects the formidable power of art to foster unity and bridge divisions.

Lim’s art transcends her various roles and experiences, inviting contemplation and reflection while connecting ancient traditions with modern interpretations. Within the  Bridging Horizons  exhibition, Lim introduces two series that are deeply rooted in Philippine culture and history.

The first series, “Amak Art,” is a tribute to the indigenous wood material known as Amak from Mindor and Palawan. Historically used for clothing, Amak is derived from tree bark without causing any harm to the trees. 

The indigenous communities engage in an intricate process that involves extracting, hammering, and washing the bark in the river, repeating the cycle until its texture resembles cloth. This series is more than just a display of artistic prowess; it is a profound cultural endeavor that showcases the artistry of indigenous communities while preserving an integral part of Philippine heritage.

Kristine Lim tries her hand at making ‘amak’ out of tree bark

The “Amak Art “ series highlights the resilience and creativity of the indigenous people who have mastered this art for generations. This collaboration not only breathes new life into this traditional craft but also empowers these communities with sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The second series, “Perla De Oriente,” showcases Lim’s signature style, incorporating national symbols such as the Anahaw, Sampaguita, Philippine Eagle, Bangus, and Philippine Mango Leaves. These patriotic and nationalistic motifs resonate with the essence of Filipino culture and identity.

Councilor  Numero Uno  Lim  of Manila recognizes the power of arts and culture in bridging differences and fostering unity, underlining the importance of this collaboration in inspiring cities and regions to undertake similar projects. The goal is to strengthen international relations through artistic expression, demonstrating the Philippines’ rich heritage to the world.

Bridging Horizons  is not just a stationary art exhibition. It is a dynamic project that involves calls to government institutions, agencies, naval bases, and historic sites in other countries, where they gift art pieces created by Lim to strengthen relationships. 

Kristine collaborates with the Philippine Navy to go beyond the confines of art and aims to transcend borders

This initiative promotes cultural exchanges and supports the navy’s civil-military operations efforts, as emphasized by VDAM  Toribio Dulinayan Adaci Jr., Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy.

Lim’s passion for preserving culture and her dedication to helping indigenous communities shine through in her words, 

“It’s my social responsibility to help preserve our culture and be intentional about what else I can do for the parts of our culture that are fading away,” Lim underscores her commitment to the cause, “It’s not just my artwork, but also my collaboration with IPs.”

The introduction of “Amak” into her art is not just a creative decision; it’s a conscious effort to ensure that this integral part of Filipino heritage doesn’t fade into oblivion. Kristine Lim’s commitment to reviving the “Amak” industry is her own humble way of supporting the indigenous communities and preserving their unique skills and traditions.

Bridging Horizons  is not a one-time event; it’s a five-year journey that will see Lim and the Philippine Navy visiting embassies, and making courtesy calls to ambassadors and dignitaries in various countries. 

The project, in Lim’s own words, is a tool for peace and diplomacy. It’s a weapon for humanity, a means to bridge horizons, and a call to preserve the beautiful things that make us who we are.

Lim’s work is a testament to the power of art as a bridge between cultures and a force for change. It reminds us that our heritage is something to be celebrated, preserved, and shared with the world. 

As Bridging Horizons continues to unfold, it serves as a beacon of unity, a symbol of cultural pride, and an inspiration for artists and advocates worldwide. 

The “Amak Art” series is not just a display of artistry; it is a profound cultural endeavor that breathes new life into a traditional craft and empowers indigenous communities.


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