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Solon: House will not be distracted by political noise over CIF scrapping

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Sta. Rosa City Rep. Dan Fernandez of Laguna on Sunday assured the public that the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Ferdinand G. Romualdez, remains dedicated to its duties and will not be distracted by the seeming political noise surrounding the issue of confidential funds.

At the same time, Fernandez justified the House move to reallocate P1.23 billion in confidential intelligence funds being asked by certain government agencies.

Upon Romualdez’s directive, Fernandez noted that Congress has been working tirelessly even during the session break to serve the Filipino people and support the administration of Marcos Jr.

“The House of Representatives is resolute in its determination to serve the Filipino people. We will not be deterred by distractions or intimidation. We recognize our responsibility to the nation, and we will continue to work diligently, regardless of the circumstances,” he said.

“Our commitment to the people is unwavering. We are here to serve, and our duty to the nation remains paramount. We will not allow political noise to divert our attention from the work that needs to be done,” he added.

Congress adjourned on Sept. 28 and is set to resume sessions on Nov. 6.

During the five-week break, all standing and special committees of the House have the authority to hold hearings to expedite the passage of urgent measures. Rio N. Araja

Last Oct. 20, Fernandez, along with fellow lawmakers, joined the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in an operation to destroy nearly P6 billion worth of illegal drugs, in solidarity with the Marcos administration’s campaign for a bloodless war on drugs.

According to Fernandez, the issue of confidential funds, while a matter of concern, would not impede their commitment to the nation and the Filipino people.

Congress became the target of intense criticism following its decision to reallocate P1.23 billion in confidential funds from certain government institutions to security agencies, especially amid escalating tensions with China.

He cited the importance of the House’s decision to reallocate the P1.23 billion in confidential funds, redirecting them toward agencies with a strong focus on security.

“This step underscores our unwavering commitment to reinforcing the programs of the Marcos administration for the improvement of the lives of Filipinos,” he said.

“Our intent is to ensure that these funds contribute effectively to the well-being of our citizens and the advancement of the nation’s interests,” he added.


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