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Kristine Lim’s remarkable journey in the eyes of Ariel Atendido

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In the world of art, a fast-rising name in the international scene continues to emerge: Artist on a Mission,  Kristine Lim.

Kristine’s incredible, distinct, and deeply rooted creations inspire anyone who sees them. But what makes her journey an even more interesting testament are the words and stories of the person who believed in her and her mission as an artist when no one else did.

Meet  Ariel Atendido, a key part of Kristine’s amazing story and journey; a friend who saw her talent before people refused to do so.

Direk Ariel is now in charge of Kristine’s projects as projects director and producer. He played a crucial role in bringing Kristine’s art back after a ten-year hiatus from the art scene.

In an interview, Direk Ariel talked about the most important glimpses into Kristine’s fast-paced world that is now catapulting her and her legacy from country to country all over the globe.

Ariel Atendito (left) and Kristine Lim during the latter’s exhibit at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco, USA

Direk Ariel, an events director, also played a pivotal role in Kristine’s life during a challenging period. He provided support after the loss of her son, aiding in organizing the wake and cremation. Furthermore, Ariel curated an art exhibit, stepping out of his comfort zone to assist Kristine in rediscovering her artistic path as a missionary visual artist.

Their collaboration, marked by unwavering faith and dedication, has been a blessing. Kristine’s expertise spans various artistic domains, including painting, photography, sculpture, and writing. She’s also a reserve in the Philippine Navy and actively uses media to spread her messages. Ariel admires her passionate and resilient spirit as a source of inspiration in a world filled with trials and tribulations.

Direk Ariel’s decision to curate Kristine’s 2020 solo art exhibit was inspired by a profound belief in her unique artistic voice and deep Christian faith. The  Almost There  exhibit held significant meaning in Kristine’s faith journey, symbolizing her unwavering trust in God’s guidance through life’s trials. Her personal experiences, notably the loss of her son, profoundly influenced her art and her mission to convey faith, hope, and transformation.

“Faith is at the core of Kristine’s creative process, guiding her hand and infusing her artworks with messages of God’s grace and truth. Her art serves as a vessel for spiritual connection, inspiring viewers to reflect on their own journeys and seek inspiration in the divine,” Ariel stated.

A pivotal moment during a sermon by  Pastor  Patrick Mercado  at Every Nation, Taguig, led Kristine to dedicate her life to God, shaping her character and mission. Her journey has been marked by significant awards, strengthening her credibility for philanthropic and charitable work in the name of God.

Kristine’s transition from a freelance photographer to a full-fledged artist has been profoundly guided by her Christian faith. She’s embraced a purpose-driven path, and her artistic journey reflects God’s influence in shaping her talents. Her art serves as a beacon of faith, inspiring others to dedicate their gifts to His glory.

“As the ‘Artist on a Mission,’ Kristine’s faith-driven outreach initiatives stand at the core of her mission,” Ariel added.

Kristine conducts art workshops that intertwine creativity with spiritual growth, providing participants with an avenue to explore their faith through art. Her commitment extends to fundraising events for the less fortunate, exemplified by a sold-out solo auction where 100 percent of the proceeds benefited the foundation Malasakit sa Bayan.

Kristine’s initiatives have made a significant impact on local and international communities, especially those less fortunate. She has donated art supplies, created playgrounds, and supported cultural sustainability programs. Her international exhibits, such as  Kuwento ng Alon, have reached diverse audiences, uniting people across borders through her message of hope and faith.

Being recognized as the Gawad Pilipino Ambassador for Arts, Culture, and Women Empowerment validates Kristine’s dedication to using art as a vessel to spread God’s light, enrich culture, and empower women.

Looking ahead, Kristine’s future endeavors will be a continued journey guided by God. Her art will remain a symbol of faith, and her mission will expand to more outreach initiatives and international exhibitions, fostering unity and inspiring women. She’ll also contribute to cultural and diplomatic efforts through projects like the KAWANGIS Artist on a Mission Museum and Bridging Horizons: Naval Cultural Exchange Thru Arts.

According to Ariel, Kristine’s journey emphasizes the power of faith and creativity combined. It encourages people to embrace their unique gifts, be inspired by challenges, and dedicate their talents to making the world a better place while spreading God’s love.


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