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Digital PR Philippines: — Steering the Winds of PR Change

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In our fast-paced digital epoch, where every ping signifies opportunity and standing out is paramount, traditional public relations (PR) finds itself at a crossroads. Amidst this landscape of shifting sands,, a leading global media outreach and news article publishing platform, stands tall. Rooted in Singapore’s tech haven, and borne from Filipino entrepreneurial flair, this startup isn’t merely molding PR for the digital age—it’s recasting its very foundations.

Co-founder and CMO of the company, Jedemae Lazo, paints a vivid picture: “The digital era has flung open doors of immense potential for PR. We’re not merely walking through these doors; we’re inviting businesses from the Philippines—and beyond—to stride alongside us.”

Jedemae Lazo, co-founder and CMO,

Broadening PR’s Horizons

Gone are the days when expansive PR campaigns were the sole dominion of corporate giants. is leveling this vast playing field. With strategic alliances spanning 1,600+ media outlets across 60 countries, it’s not just about global reach—it’s about universal accessibility. In an age where connectivity is everything, this democratization of access is monumental.

Diving deeper into the ethos, Lazo elaborates, “It’s about empowering voices. Every brand, big or small, has a tale, a journey, a narrative that’s uniquely its own. We’re here to amplify these stories, ensuring they resonate, engage, and inspire.”

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This transformative vision isn’t confined to media reach. The startup’s innovative pay-as-you-go model speaks of adaptability, carving a path of genuine trust in a landscape often characterized by long-term binding contracts and opaque practices. This modern approach challenges age-old norms, ushering in a transparent and flexible era of digital PR in the Philippines and beyond.

Eyes on the Tech Horizon

Embracing technology’s forward march, Lazo highlights the inevitable influence of AI, “The tide of AI is reshaping landscapes, presenting opportunities and challenges in equal measure. While we currently operate AI-neutral, our vision is clear: to be at the forefront, integrating and adapting, ensuring our strategies not only respond but lead.”

Changing PR’s Tapestry

With in the narrative, PR’s tale is undergoing a vibrant rewrite. Seamlessly interweaving novel strategies with PR’s foundational ethos, the startup is setting the pace. Their vision extends beyond mere adaptation; it’s about pioneering change. This drive is not just about reshaping PR’s current landscape but also about carving out a bold and innovative future. Their endeavor signals a new era of engagement and inclusivity in digital PR’s chronicles—reverberating from the Philippines to the global arena.

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